Shikha Says:

     This review is a little old. I had actually written it for some other blog but they never accepted it so I’m pasting it out here for you guys. I love this site! Presently they are under going maintenance and upgradation but they will be back up soon. So in the meantime check out my review.
am super excited while I write this. I want to share my experience of
purchasing from This site offers all the popular
leading brands in makeup and cosmetics (MAC, NARS, Too Faced, Urban Decay,
etc.) at a discounted price. What I like best about it is that you can lay your
hands on limited edition items that you may have missed especially like MAC. By
the way the products offered here are original (the best indicator of that is
the products have their name and not just a number denoting them).
They have a
Clearance Sale section where mixed brands are available for further discount
and a Factory Blems section where products that have been rejected due to
slight defect in color, texture, etc are available.   Another interesting feature is that in some
brands they have a Mystery Box feature where they will send you 5 random items
from that brand at a certain fixed price. Sounds interesting doesn’t it.
Well I had been
hunting for a lipglass from the Venemous Villans collection (yes I know, old
collection and I just woke up :p) called Devilishly Stylish. I had seen some
review videos of it on YouTube and had really liked it. Voila – they had it!!
(how cool is that 🙂 )
I came across an eyeshadow called “A Wish Come True” from the Tartan Tale
collection (again fab reviews of the product online). I was sooo happy BUT
apprehensive at the same time. My biggest fear was what if the products would
get caught in customs and secondly if they would reach me at all and thirdly in
what condition 😮
Given all that I
just ordered these 2 products (exerted much restraint here ladies – they have a
really nice collection plus MAC pigment samples for about 4$ {drool}) and paid
using my Paypal account (optional) and chose the UPS Priority International
Mail (shipping was 16$ in this option – the lowest). My total order came upto
51.98$ (including shipping) and I was charged Rs. 2407/-.
Ok now I have
seen reviews saying that some of the products sold on the site cost more than
the store price but on an average if you hunt properly you can lay your hands
on some awesome deals. Like you can buy MAC shadows for approx 670-680 bucks
and in India you will get a refill for that price :p And I came across L’Oreal
Hip Shadow Paint for roughly 4$ in the clearance section where I think this
product actually retails for 12$. So shop wisely. I know I might not seem the
right person to give this advice given I paid almost 1200/- bucks per product
but in my defense these products were not available anywhere and I was just
super excited when I saw ‘em and had to lay my hands on them.
They shipped me
the products on 6th June and I received my package on the 21st
(yea!!!). It was packed really nicely as you can see the following pics:

go ahead ladies – indulge!! I already have a queue waiting for me to checkout
😉 I was just waiting for this package to arrive before placing my next order!!
Ooo they have such pretty magnetic palettes in large size for 20$ :D. You can
start your own mixed collection – Im sooo tempted. So signing off!! Do let me
know your thoughts and views in the comments below. Im outta here (hmm so I’ll
buy that MAC shadow, the pigme………………….. {bliss})
Well I already have a package on the way from them and will post pics as soon as I get that! The shipping charges have increased from 16$ to 22$. But do go and atleast browse the site. Happy Shopping!