Back with another blogger that I admire for her skills in makeup, none other than Ankita from Corallista. This lady needs no introduction. She is very well known for the looks that she creates and in the process leaving others floundering to replicate it in hopes of looking half as good as it does on her. She is responsible for me getting many lipsticks that she spoke about for the very same reason. Beautiful girl and a sweet person I’m so happy that she agreed to do this feature. Thanks a bunch Ankita. Now lets see what she has to say – 

The look that got her the most comments/appreciation. (Click here to read the post)

1. State your name for the record: Ankita Chaturvedi

2. Present city: Mumbai

3. City of dreams:

     Never really given it a thought! Ideally I’d like to live somewhere that isn’t as congested and polluted as Mumbai, is fairly safe and still has everything a metro offers! And somewhere I wouldn’t be stared at if I walk around with red lipstick!
4. What do your blogsphere friends call you (nickname)? 
     Ankita or Corallista at times!
5. When did you realize that you had a fetish and were a closet MUA? 
     Probably 3rd year of college
6. Which has been your most embarrassing makeup related incident to date? 
     School farewell, 2007. I wore Mum’s Lakme foundation that made my skin super oily in a few hours, Kajal that gave me panda eyes and a bright strawberry lip (which would have looked good if my eyes weren’t such a disaster!)
7. Which has been your most memorable makeup related incident? 
     I think my most embarrassing one is also my most memorable one! I still remember how elated I was applying the makeup and how horrified I saw the pics from that day!
Her most favorite look that she has created so far (Click here to read to the post)
8. What have been your fav products/brands so far? 
  1. MAC for eye shadows and base products, 
  2. Clinique for base makeup, 
  3. Colorbar and Revlon for lipsticks, 
  4. love certain Shiseido products as well! 
9. Which products/brands are on your lust list? 
  1. Chanel foundation, cream blush and cream eye shadows, 
  2. YSL lipsticks and 
  3. Dior face powder/blush/bronzers (they have such gorgeous patterns!).
10. Have you found your HG (Holy Grail) product yet? If yes, then which one is it? 
     I think the only HG product I’ve found is sunscreen – Lotus Herbals 3-in-1 matte SPF 40 sunblock. The texture, the tint, the scent – everything works really well for me. I have no desire to try anything else and that’s how I know its my HG!
Ankita really likes this look as it soft and wearable (Click here to read the post)
11. What is your signature style? 
     Black liner, loads of mascara and a deep berry or red lip.
12. Which celeb makeup style do you admire? 
     Lisa Eldridge. I think she’s a celeb in the beauty world!
13. Which makeup blogger looks do you like the best (choose one only)? 
     I’m going to go with a Youtuber here – Julia Graf (known as Misschievous). She’s amazing!
14. Which upcoming makeup trend do you have your eye on? 
     Deep rich lips with a little dimension. I just tried a two toned one and loved it! 
15. Which upcoming makeup launch are you lusting for? 
     I haven’t really been on the top of things lately so am not sure of what’s coming up! But I just saw some swatches of the MAC holiday collection and I have my eye on a few pieces.
16. 3 things about you that no one knows? 
     Sometimes I walk around the house with no makeup except red lipstick on, I love massages – I feel relaxed just by looking at someone’s head getting massaged and that I’d love to write a book someday!
Ankita likes this one as it is quite glamorous  She decided to do something unique and got a lot of comments for it (Click here to read the post) 
17. Ankita, Professional MUA – dream or possibility? 
     Neither. Applying makeup on others isn’t my forte and its not something I want to pursue. 
18. Parting shot – 
     There’s more to beauty than what meets the eye. Find something you love, be kind to the people in your life and stay true to yourself! If you feel beautiful and happy inside, it shines through! 

     I hope you guys took some notes about her favorites makeup items. This woman is a wealth of knowledge and a bundle of talent. I read on Dollie’s blog that you will be getting married soon. Congratulations and all the best for the new chapter in your life. It is great to see this insight into you. Cant help but admire all the success that you have achieved through your hard work in such short time. Thanks once again for doing this feature. Wishing you more success and happiness for the future. And I will back again with another famous face from the blogging world. Till then take care – See ya!