Shikha Says:
     I’m sure a lot of you divas have come across the banner for Urban Touch either on fb or some blog. I was intrigued by the brands that they carried and decided to give em a shot. I placed my order for the NYX eyeshadow base (they have 3 different varieties and I ordered all 3). Each was priced at a discounted price of Rs. 500/- (actually price is Rs 625/- for each). On checking out I noticed that they added a surprise gift in the the mix (free of course). So that was a total of Rs 1500/- for the 3 products and a gift and oh ya free shipping! I placed my order on the 7th of October. I was expecting to receive it within a day or two. 
     On the 10th I logged into my account with them and checked the status of my order and it said “Shipped” out there. Again I expected that I would get it in a day or at max two. When I didn’t receive it till the 12th I called up their customer care to check if there was any issue. The executive was really nice and polite and informed me that they usually took about 7 days to deliver an order and that he would immediately look into mine and ensure that something was done about it. I asked them where they were placed and on learning it was Gurgaon I felt a little disappointed that they were taking so long to actually ship the product. The guy was courteous and said that he has noted down my feedback and will ensure that they look into the matter. Well I received my order the very next day! Yea!
     Let me tell you they have me floored. The box that I got my products in is custom made for the site and really sturdy and pretty. They gave me free samples for 4 different products (2 for men and 2 for women), a 10% off coupon for purchasing Lotus products and a free gift! Phew :). I got FabIndia Under Eye Gel as the gift BTW and not like a sample size or anything. They had wrapped each eye base and well as the gift in lots of bubble wrap individually. All in all a really good experience. I was a little put off due to the time taken by them but was really impressed by the effort they took in small things to delight a customer. So thumbs up people. Do go and check it out. And for those of you who are apprehensive about using your cards, the site provides cash on delivery too.

The pretty (and sturdy) box

The goodies!!

Free Sample – Women

Free Sample – Men

Discount coupon

Free gift!

And the stars of the show :). NYX eye base in White, Pearl and Skin tone

Would you buy from this site again? – Yes

Would you recommend it to your friend? – Yes