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Outfit of the day. Pic courtesy – Dolon, Pout Pretty
Outfit of the Day


I admit it is so not the weather to be putting up this post but it has been lying in wait for its time in the sun and I had to put it out there. I got an invite to attend the Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour this December. For a change it was quite cold in Kolkata this time around and I got a chance to wear this quilted overcoat I had picked up from the CIMA Art in Life exhibition last year. It set me back 4 grand but I really liked it and since it is reversible I get more bang for my buck that way. I love the over sized wooden buttons on it. These quilted coats (Rajasthan style) became quite a trend for the season and I saw them popping up in a lot of places in different styles and lengths. I loved the soft colors on this one and the floral print had me hooked. Paired with a basic black outfit and a statement necklace I was all set for the night.

Outfit of the day
The grey and white patterned side


Outfit of the day
Close up of the design


Outfit of the day


Outfit of the day
Zara Necklace


Outfit of the day
Presto change-o 😀


Outfit of the day
The powder blue floral side


Outfit of the day
Close up of the pattern


Outfit of the day
Aldo heels

Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour was so amazing! I fell in love with the collection by the designer duo Pankanj and Nidhi. The name of it was Glasshouse by the Sea if I’m not mistaken and it had beautiful hues inspired from the ocean as well as embellishments that looked like a mermaid’s scale. Irffan Khan was the host for the opening ceremony where he shared his thoughts on fashion and for the finale we got to see Sushmita Sen sashay down the ramp. My god! That lady is amazing and we got to witness first hand how she conquered the universe. She was my favorite Miss India contestant and I was rooting for her to win way back then 🙂 Well thats a wrap…I hope you guys liked my outfit and I will see you soon…Buh bye!

Jacket – CIMA Art in Life Exhibition
Top – Eliza Donatein
Jeans – Xposure
Heels – Aldo
Necklace – Zara