Shikha Says:

     I have been a blog junkie for quite a while before I started my own and have never come across this shade or product type. So I’m hoping I’m bringing something new to the table. When I was leisurely browsing MAC I came across this beauty. I actually liked the shade on the box a lot and thought it was the eye kohl but it is not. It is a pencil format which needs to be sharpened but looks and feels different than an eye kohl. 
     I found the texture to be much smoother than Teddy but the pigmentation was a little lighter than that. It is a sea blue green color with a hint of gold tone kinda reminds me of a mermaid’s fin. I love this shade. Teddy gave depth to my eyes but this shade made them pop. Since the pigmentation is a little light you might need to go over a few times to get the desired payoff. But I find the product interesting and would love to check out the other shades that are available in it. Price is Rs 1000/- for 1.2g of product.

Would you buy it again? – I like the shade but for variety’s sake I would choose another color.

Would you recommend it to your friend? – Yes. Shade as well as product type.