It is that time of the week again where I share a little something – something about me again. I know I was supposed to do this on Sunday but I was out attending an event held by Elle fashion and by the time I came back I was too tired to do anything. Not to mention that my PC was getting fixed….so without further ado lets get this ball rolling and be prepared for some big time cheating! I’m an avid reader to the point where I literally inhale books in a go. It is very difficult for me to choose just 4 books…

Lord of the Rings Trilogy

     Honestly nothing beats the world created by this man. There is so much detail in his work that you will create the entire middle earth in your head and can actually feel yourself traversing through it as the story progresses. I have read this entire series over 10 times till now and each time there is something new that I take away from it. If you love reading then this one is something that you really need to pick at least once in your lifetime. 
Harry Potter series
     Rowling stole everyone’s heart with this beautiful story of a boy, his gift and his courage. There is good reason for all the mania behind this. From a little boy who was mistreated and thought he was alone to a young adult facing the greatest evil and fulfilling his destiny, the series will have you gripped. I don’t mean in a page turner kind of way but more of a tugging at your heart and imagination. Very well written. Just keep all your perception and thoughts to one side and pick this one up to get lost in a world of wonder and awakening your inner child. 
Infernal Devices Trilogy
     I recently came across this series by Clare and fell in love it head over heels. This book has everything that I love the most – Victorian era, supernatural, magic, love, kick a$$ heroine and fall-in-love worthy men šŸ˜‰ If you love this genre and any of the words I mentioned above then do pick it up. Great engaging read. I finished this off and then went on to read a series which is connected to it comprising of over 5 books. I have become a huge fan of this author and will be keep a closing eye on her future releases. 
Harry Dresden Files
     To satisfy my insatiable urge to read I had joined a library awhile back and came across this series for the first time. OMG! I was completely hooked. Story about a warlock and how he faces the supernatural thrown in his path. What is really nice about it is the sort of vulnerability that the hero has in the sense that though he is a warlock but that does not mean that it makes him a superhero. He has his breaking points, fears, cowardice and then in the face of odds stacked up against him he comes through by sheer will and a hint of madness to save the people he loves. Sometimes he succeeds and at times he does not. A fabulous series to read and if you get the audio version then try to get your hands on the one read by James Masters. Honestly the man brings the book to life in such an awesome manner that you will find yourself living the action sequences of the book. 
     I will fully confess here that I love reading young adult books. The ones with mystery and hints of supernatural are my ultimate fav. I want a book to take me away to a land far away and scintillate my imagination. I really don’t like reading “real” books so much coz they talk about a world so full of hate and misdeeds mirroring the world as it is. One gets enough of it through the news and papers that I don’t want a book to do the same for me. Hence my choice of genre is a means of escape to a world full of wonder, mystery and hope. There are so many more books that I love that I can fill pages and pages telling you about them šŸ™‚ But with great constraint I’m ending this post here. How do you like my selection? Are any of these your favorite? What is your choice of genre? Waiting to hear from you. Take care!