Today I’m going to feature another product that I got from The Body Needs shop. This time it is the MAC Cleanse Off Oil. You know, we all know about MAC for their awesome makeup but so few of us dare to tread and explore their other available products. There is this stigma attached in our heads that it is sooo expensive and what is the point in spending so much on so-so products when XYZ can do the job for me. Well let us all stand corrected – MAC is MAC for a reason. FYI they even do perfumes unfortunately which I have not spotted out here. And I think those are just LE’s. 

After the amazing results I witnessed of their brush cleanser, I did some read on this other sample that I have – Cleanse Off Oil. And boy is this product raved. It is supposed to melt any and every kind of makeup off your skin and leave it feeling smooth and clean. The ideal way to use it is to apply some on your dry skin {aka makeup-fied (look ma I invented a new word :P) skin}, massage it in gently and then take a little water on your tips and apply it over the oil to emulsify it and finally rinse off with water. Simple!


     It felt too good to be true honestly and I was like hey everybody says that about their makeup remover – oh it is the best blah blah. For me its true test would be if it removed, ok lets not go so far, helped to remove my L’Oreal One Million Lashes mascara. I use the water resistant version and boy this baby holds on!!! I have used 3-4 different kinds of makeup removers from Clarins, Dior, Body Shop Vit E wipes and the normal wipes but none gets rid of it completely. I will wipe it off (after some amount of rubbing) and my lashes would feel clean sort of  but BAM! when I go and splash some water on my face the next morning when I get up…..hello whats this…..mascara streaks!!! Inevitably this just has to happen. The amount varies but it is there without fail.


     So for me this was the acid test for it. If it removes this mascara I will bow down before it and praise the MAC gods! šŸ˜› I took a little amount of oil on my finger tip and proceeded to coat my lashes and eye area with the oil. After ensuring that both eyes were covered properly (didn’t take much) I left it in for less than a minute to work its mojo. After that I wet my finger tips and lightly massaged the oil and then washed it out with splashes of water. Whaddaya know!!! It came all out! My lashes looked actually looked and felt clean and so soft. Not only that there was no amount of wiping/tugging/rubbing involved. The entire process was so gentle on my eyes and they felt great. Not a trace of  black anywhere. 


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     My eyes became a little cloudy when I had the product on coz lets face it that it is a oil but it was not uncomfortable nor irritating. And to complete the acid test I went and splashed my face with water after a few hours and voila streak free. Now you will be thinking phish what is the big deal in that. Any oil based cleanser could do that. But I beg to differ. Clarins is quite oily and it will melt the rest of my makeup but was not able to remove this completely. Now I’m not sayin that I have tried every remover out there but the ones I have did not do the job for me. There might be something way better out there I’m sure. But for now this seems to be it. 

     I didn’t want to leave it just like and decided that even though it passed my acid test I still wanted to see how it would fare for a full face makeup. So I put on the L’Oreal Quad in Beige Trench as it is quite glittery, L’Oreal mascara, Hashmi Kajal, Maybelline gel liner, Revlon Whipped Foundation, MAC concealer, MAC Contouring powder (MSF) MAC blush, HighBeam highlighter and YSL Glossy Stain. Finished it off with some MAC Fix+. Left the products on my skin for about an hour and then proceeded to use the same method that I described above.


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     Usually what I do is use my Clarins remover to clean my eyes and then use a wipe to remove the rest of the makeup. Generally it is Johnson baby wipes (before you start laughing let me just say that I did read up on it and found a lot of vloggers using baby wipes as they are a cheaper alternative to proper makeup wipes. Hey Body shop ones cost around 500 bucks for 25 wipes….so as a blogger you do the math). Depending on the amount of makeup my feeling of being clean varies. Usually I have to use a little of my Clinique toner in the end to feel clean or a face wash. While using the toner I will find makeup still coming off my skin. 

     But like before the results had me floored. Even the glitter came out! The same one that holds on to your skin for its dear life!!! I have done the demo on my arm coz I looked like Heath Ledger from the Joker when I did it on me and that is not a pretty pic šŸ˜› Don’t want to scare no kid, man.

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     Ok I think I should conclude this now. Such a long post oh my lord! MAC Cleanse Off Oil – GREAT! (that is for the people who don’t have the time to read my rave :P).  This again was a no brainer for me seeing the results. And definitely on my To-Purchase list along with the brush cleaner.  What do you guys think about this review? Please do get back to me as I’m always eager to know what you think. See you later!