Elle held their launch of the Autumn-Winter collection on the 6th of October 2013 in their Forum Mall store here in Kolkata. The very sweet Debi of Flysongbird was the host for the event and was kind enough to call us for it. A informal gathering a bunch of us got to browse this collection over coffee, cupcakes and tete-a-tete. It was so nice to meet some of the other bloggers based here. 

     Overall the collection had a mix of stuff where a lot of it was predominantly suitable for summer with some pieces thrown in for Autumn. Apart from a jacket or 2 I could not spot things which be adequate for the cold we have here. And Kolkata gets quite cold. What I really liked was their collection of shoes and bags. Funky bright colors and different shapes and sizes to suit your moods. The price range was quite decent and some of the pieces were really good. 
As you can see lots of florals and strappy dresses
     I’m not a fashion blogger so I cant really speak in those terms about the collection for you. But I will say that being a plus sized person I was really happy to know that their XL was equivalent to a UK size 18. Good to know that they do not discriminate based on size šŸ˜› Overall some of the products ie clothes didn’t have that great a quality but some pieces were really good and quite classic. I will not go on too much about it but rather leave you with some visuals of the event to enjoy. 
Some colored jeans to suit you mood
I liked the color combination of these
The store has been divided into sections based on color
My friend Dolon of Poutpretty

2nd from left is Swarnali of Dreams & Drama. And the 3rd person from left is Aniesha of Aniesha’s Musings

Pooja of Dialifestyle. She has the sweetest smile
My friend Poorna of Presented by P with Shayoni of Sweet&Bitter

Last but not the least, Debi of Flysongbird
Some of the purses that I really liked. Click pic to enlarge
Some of the pieces that I liked. I picked the lower left one

     On a side note, all the pics that you can see are clickable and you can enjoy an enlarged view. Thanks so much to the Elle team for holding this event for us and giving us gift vouchers worth Rs. 500/-. I already spent mine in getting the black top shown in the pic above and I paid around 1800 something for it after discount which is not bad at all. Dolon got the gold version of it and you can head on down to her blog to take a peek at it. You really must check out the accessories. Hope you all enjoyed the visual tour. See you guys soon šŸ™‚