The monsoons are here in full swing. I sooo love this weather. The sound of the rain, smell of the wet soil and the slight chill in the air. How the plants look all washed and vibrant green. So beautiful! It has its fair share of problems too but as long as I don’t have to wade through icky water I absolutely adore this weather. To the topic, I introduced this brand to you sometime back called Maa Disha (click name to read that post). Their product line is mainly focused on hair fall and thinning hair issues. For me this sounded like heaven sent since I have been dealing with this issue for sometime and am yet to find the “magic pill”.

I’m very bad with habits ie I don’t form any. For me doing something everyday is very mundane and boring. I don’t know if I should blame my creative mind (does not like structure) or my laziness for it. And in search of quick results if I don’t see some change say after doing a treatment for a few weeks I give up on it completely and move on. Not been able to stick to a treatment for 3-6 months and hence have not been able to derive results from the whole natural route of treatments. Then on top of it the amount of time the process it takes…..ugh! 


I was super excited about this brand and picked up a mask from them and was given 2 samples….one of which was their Shampoo9. This is an organic ayurvedic shampoo and is supposed to complement the other products from the range. There are many natural ingredients in the thing and the company claims that it is chemical free but there are some mentioned in the ingredient list. According to the them:
     “Harnessing the power of “Ayurganic” ingredients Shampoo9 was created to give a new meaning to the words “healthy” and “rejuvenated”. Free of harsh chemicals Shampoo9 revitalizes your scalp and gives healthy lustre to your hair.”
It comes in a green plastic bottle with a black flip cap. I like there color scheme as it emphasizes the whole “natural” aspect of the products plus feels soothing. The product has a strong mint smell to it but I didn’t feel any tingling or coolness generally associated with this ingredient. The shampoo is like a thick gel with a yellow/orange tone to it. Looks a little weird that ways. 


Ok let me tell you how it fared for me. In case you don’t know, I have oily roots and dry ends. Usually I have to wash my hair every other day and sometimes I can stretch it to the day after if I’m lucky. My scalp becomes quite oily. The first time I used this shampoo it completely died on me. I applied quite a bit of it but due to the oiliness of my scalp it went totally flat. I could not feel anything on. I had to use my regular shampoo on top of it. So what I do now is wash my hair with another shampoo which usually is a L’Oreal one for me and then use this as my “treatment” one. It lathers up then and I leave it in for a few minutes mean time which I proceed to lather and wash my face. 
It has been more than month since I have started using this. On an average I end up using it 3 times a week. My hair looks a little shiny and healthy which the company claims that the product will do for you. I have not seen any changes in my hair fall which is something that I expected that this would do. Since I have to use a regular shampoo before using this the whole natural aspect/benefit gets negated for me in my mind as the entire idea is to avoid the regular ones and use this in place. 


For people with dry to normal scalp this will work and can replace the regular shampoo. But for people like me this seems pointless. Since it costs around Rs. 1500/- for the full size making this an expensive deal it is not worth the price for me. I would rather go and buy a Kerastase one. Some people are into organic product so this is right up their alley. But for me it does not take precedence and thus makes this product pointless. 
I’m not dissing the thing but just saying that it didn’t do anything much for me which would justify the price. Organic products are highly priced on a general. If you are looking for an ayurvedic alternative then this is something that you can look into as it is gentle on your hair and unlike others does not make your hair feel like straw. I’m actually regretting not buying the oil but still have the mask to try out. I didn’t use the products together as I wanted to gauge their individual effectiveness. 
That concludes this review. I know it a long one but I just had so much to say about it (again!). But I hope you found it of some use. Do have a favorite shampoo that takes care of all your needs? Have you fond your effective treatment for hair fall yet? Do let me know. I’ll be seeing ya soon. Take care!