Hello my sweets! Today I bring to you another requested tutorial and this has to do with grooming one’s eyebrows. Brows can be such a source of pain in the neck. One would not think that this little tuft of hair can cause one so much grief. But I have been there many times and have faced the brunt of it. One little threading incident gone wrong and you are jacked for life šŸ˜› Not only that, since they frame your eyes they way they look can affect the whole look of your face and a little issue with them can at times get blown to a whole different magnitude. 

Before pic. Please excuse the condition of my brows. I had a bad threading episode and now Im trying to grow them back. Click pic to enlarge


     They have a tendency to thin as we grow older so in order to make your face look more youthful it is important to fill in your brows. Today I’m going to show the different steps that you can use to fill yours in. All the steps are not necessary for you to do and you can pick and choose one or a combination of these to groom your brows. For people with scanty and unruly ones to people who have thick and full ones, these steps can be used by anyone. 


Products used to create the look. Click pic to enlarge


     I will demonstrate the finish 2 different brushes can give you so my brows will have different looks in the end. You dont need a whole of different products to work with and can make use of stuff that you have lying around. For people with Indian skin tones it is best to use a brown eyeshadow either dark or light according to your hair color rather than black ones as it can look too stark and artificial. Even if you have jet black hair naturally doing your brows with a dark brown shade will make it look more natural. 
     Next you would need a mascara especially if you have unruly brows which are all over the place. Use a black one  if you have scanty brows or a transparent one if you full thick ones. You can use a brow gel if you have one but it is not really required. I have seen that the use of a gel sort of flattens your brows down but using mascara does not do that as much plus the addition of the wand helps to comb and define them. In the end it is up to you the kind of look you choose.Brush 1 – slanted tip applicator

Before pic

     First and foremost always remember to keep some distance from a mirror when you are doing your brows. Use a wall mounted one rather than a hand held one. The reason behind this is when you are close to a mirror the details are more prominent to you and thus you end up filling it too much which when observed from a distance will look too much. If you keep a distance from the mirror only the areas that look visibly sparse from another person’s view will get filled in and will look more natural.

Note the angle of the brush. Click pic to enlarge


After the above steps. Click pic to enlarge

     So I am using a slanted tip brush for this one. Using a basic one from Vega. Take some of the shadow on the tip and then put it on the area where the brows are the lightest. This is usually the middle. The idea behind this is again to make them look more natural. Pull long strokes in the direction of the hair. You don’t need to take too much of the shadow so try and cover your entire brow with these strokes in one go. Keep within the hair line both on the top and bottom.

Put the brow gel/wax with the brush. Bottom pic shows the look after. Click pic to enlarge


Comb the brows. Bottom pic is the finished look. Click pic to enlarge

     If for some reason you have errant hairs then avoid covering them as they will end up getting emphasized in the process. Now in this look I’m going to finish it off with some brow wax. I will put some on the same brush and using same stokes cover all the hair. As the hair has a tendency to stick together when this is used I will need a brow comb to finish it off. First I will pull the flattened brush along the brow so that the hair separates and then I will use the comb edge and lightly stroke the hair towards the direction of the growth. The reason I’m doing this is cause when I use the flat brush the hair separates and kind of spreads and when I switch back to the tip the come together in the required shape of the brow. My finished look is looking a little stark since I did it with the mirror up close.

Before and After. Click pic to enlarge

Brush 2 – Real Techniques shader brush

Before pic

     This is my current favorite brush to use to fill in my brows. The reason I like to use this is that it fills in the color is a very diffused manner thereby taking away the starkness and giving a more natural finish. Plus the way the brush is made you can finish off the look much faster. I take some shadow on the tip of the brush and keeping in straight ie on the tip I use the above mentioned method to fill in my brows.

Click pic to enlarge

     Once I have filled in the color satisfactorily I then use a black mascara and keeping it horizontal on the brow I make short strokes in the direction of the hair. This gives me extra color and helps to comb as well as tame the brows. For people with dark brows you can just use a transparent mascara and lightly comb your brows without using the shadow at all and you will get a more groomed look. The use of mascara makes it easier to tame the brows and you will not need the extra comb to finish it off.

Click pic to enlarge


Click pic to enlarge

     So those were 2 brushes that can be used to help you do the job. Always remember to keep within the hair line to make it look more natural. If you want to increase the size of them then by all means go for it but remember that it will look different. A lot of people use pencils to do the same thing but I find it difficult to do mine that ways coz they give a much darker and waxy looking color and make the brows look made up. As I say always – experiment with different things and then try to determine what works for you best..

Click pic to enlarge

     I hope you found this tutorial useful. If you need any clarifications then do let me know. Please share your thoughts and views on the tutorial. You positive criticism will help me improve and create better presentations for you. I have a couple more requests for tutorials and will be tackling those soon. If you have a request then do let me know. Thanks! Bye….Take care!