Today I bring to you a lip pencil/crayon from Clinique. These form of products have become immensely popular in recent times especially since the Revlon ones made their way here which was followed by the Lakme ones. I feel Clinique is known more for its skincare than makeup in India even though some of their pieces are very well known and highly coveted internationally. It is supposed to have a very famous shade called “Black Honey” in its lipstick line which is very hard to get your hands on. But I digress, lets look into this chubby stick.

     A little more than 3 inches in length this stick has metal coverings on its top and bottom. The base can be twisted to get more product out. The color of the stick is supposed to match the color of the product and is a close match to it. There are 2 ranges available – one the regular one and the other is known as intense. As the name suggests the pigmentation is more pronounced in the Intense range while the regular tends towards sheer at times.

     There is no smell to it whatsoever unlike the Revlon ones which are quite minty. The texture is creamy and finish matches a lipstick. It provides you with full coverage and has a subtle sheen to it. I found it to be neither moisturizing nor drying when I put it on. But I would not recommend this for people with dry lips issue as this does not provide adequate moisturization. If you are keen to try it out then you would need to layer it on top of a lip balm or apply some gloss on top. Just on its own it might not work for you.

     The color is beautiful deep reddish pink shade and it does not contain any glitter/shimmer in it. Given the texture it will transfer very easily. In my “kiss test” it  faded to a soft red shade which sat in the lines by the 7th kiss. My lips looked a little dry at the end of that trial. It did not totally survive an eating session. The product got wiped off from the center part of the both the lips however a quick swipe with the finger distributed the remaining product equally and hence coated the lips. I found that on removal there was no staining of the lips and it came off completely.

Pic in the middle is taken in natural light and the one at bottom is taken in artificial light. Click pic to enlarge.

     In conclusion, I really like the color and finish of the thing but the texture leaves a little to be desired. I was expecting it be a little more moisturizing especially since it has ingredients like shea butter, jojoba and mango seed butter. Given that it costs Rs. 1025/- (as compared to the Revlon ones which are for Rs. 650/- or the Lakme ones that are for Rs. 800/-) I feel that it is a little steep for the quality/performance it gave. However Clinique products are know to be ideal for skin that is sensitive or faces problem of allergy so for someone like that these could be an answer. And of course there are those who are brand loyal, this would definitely excite them. 

Click pic to enalrge

     For me the Revlon ones are still front runners (have not tried the Lakme ones though). If you are interested in buying this then I would suggest that you see the intense line rather than the regular one. My funda is that if you are paying so much for a product at least get a good amount of pigmentation out of it if nothing else. Ya at least it should “look” pretty :P. That concludes this review. Have any of you tried these? Do you like them better? Which is your choice of color? Waiting to hear from you – Take care!

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Would you purchase Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Plushest Punch again? – I want to try something else from this range before I makeup my mind coz based on this one, though I like the color, I would not purchase it again.

Would you recommend Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Plushest Punch to your friend? – At present, no.