Hey there! Bringing you another sample today and this one is a mask sheet. These have become quite popular these days and even spas use them in their facials. A convenient way to apply a mask as there is no mixing or applying required. Just pop the pack and spread the sheet on…easy peasy. I got this as a sample when I ordered from Cosmetic Love. This is from a Korean company called 3W Clinic. I have not heard of it before. 

    “This is a sheet-type mask containing Coenzyme Q10 and a variety of aesthetic ingredients, which will leave your skin looking smooth and vibrant. This hypoallergenic mask sheet stays attached to the face along with the natural skin texture and will provide a soothing comfort for your skin.”

     The mask sheet was individually packed with instructions printed in Korean and English on the back. The sheet is made from cotton which is more cloth like than fiber feel. The mask has a very nice peach scent to it which is actually quite relaxing. The sheet is covered in a gel like material. After I placed the sheet on my face, there was enough gel left in the packet for me to put over my neck and on my arms uptill my elbows.

     You need to leave it on for 20-30 mins and since it stays attached to your skin you can sit upright with it. Can leave it on while you watch TV. I felt a slight tingling on my skin after I had it on for about 15 mins and that too on certain areas like my forehead and cheeks. Overall it had a light cooling sensation. Once you take it off after the stipulated time you don’t need to wash your face but rather just pat all over with your fingers so that the remaining gel gets absorbed into your skin.

     Since the mask is meant for one time use only you need to dispose of it after the application is done. The remaining gel takes a little while to absorb into your skin but leaves your skin feeling coated and slightly sticky (this feeling goes away after an hour).  You get this light glow to your skin like what you can see after your skin has been well moisturized. The pore size does reduce somewhat. It has been my personal observation that you can see the actual effect of any mask after almost a day. I checked my skin after around 18 hrs and didnt notice anything different or special about it. It looked pretty much the same how it did before I used the mask. This comes in a set of 10 sheets and the price varies quite a bit online where some sellers offering it for $13.99 (approx Rs. 770/-) to even as low as $5.99 (approx Rs. 330/-) on ebay.

     That concludes another sample review. Remember that it is just an insight into the product. Though I think that for a mask one application can be good judge for it especially since it like a making your skin look vibrant kinda deal. It did do that but the effect was not long lasting on me. Maybe more uses could help to achieve that result. I do have another sample from the same company so lets see how that performs.

     What do you think about it? Did you like the product? Would you be willing to try it out? I will be seeing you soon with a new review. Stay tuned…..Bye 🙂