Lakme School of Style


     If you are a Youtube junkie then you must have come across multiple videos belonging to #fame channel. They have created a digital platform which helps people to showcase their talent! Now anyone can have their chance at the illusive fifteen seconds of fame. Their tagline is “If you’ve got it, we will help you flaunt it!” They have some of the funkiest vids covering beauty, fashion, latest trends, social issues and some hilarious satires. From celebrities, to chefs and even kids-next-door are a part of their entertainment bandwagon. Now taking it a notch further, they have tied up with Lakme to bring the Lakme School of Style. With none other than Karan Johar as the Editor in Chief making his web debut you can be sure that style will be delivered to you in spades! They will be giving you the dibs on the latest trends from around the world.

     I saw a couple of vids from the channel and really liked the two I am mentioning here. One is a very easy to understand and replicate tutorial on contouring. Now we all have seen multiple vids and tuts on the subject and frankly the whole Kim K routine becomes too difficult to master without looking like a circus clown. Sahibba breaks it down into a simple routine where she covers the basics behind it and then goes on to demonstrate the technique for it. I really liked how she explains each step and also the do’s and dont’s for it so that even a novice can follow the concept. The end result is beautiful sculpted face without it looking OTT. 
     Another vid which really caught my attention was a master class by Miss Malini. She discusses some strategies to succeed in social media. Being one of the top bloggers in the country she has a lot of experience under her belt and is a treasure trove of information. Some of the tips she shared and points she put across are something completely new to me and things I have not heard before. Learning the in’s and out’s of blogging and social media I have gone through a lot of content over the years. I hope she does more of these! Again she keeps things simple so that anyone can understand and implement the tips she gives. 
     I really liked this concept of theirs…Lakme School of Style brings you the best of both worlds. On one hand you have industry experts bringing you their wealth of information in the form of the Master Class and on the other hand you have a team of bloggers who keep things simple and real for you. They cover a wide range of topics ie not only do you get the beauty, fashion and makeup tips but topics related to social issues and lifestyle are also covered by them. There is a blogger on board who has defeated cancer twice and now shares her stories and tips with you (how to tackle depression, face peer pressure, etc). I find their well rounded approach quite interesting and am hoping that I get to catch some great content in the future. So what do you guys think about it? Have you seen any of the vids yet? Do leave your thoughts in the comments below. I will catch you later šŸ™‚