Products that I’m using currently (skin and hair edition)


Hello my loves! I so badly wanted to make videos again but the whole editing thing is so not my scene…Snapchat was an alternative but I find it too short and then it gets irritating if you want to actually put something out there šŸ˜› I’m trying my hand at this whole uncut raw footage kind of business. Though this first one is a tad long (really just a smidgen) but I wanted to cover some of the skin and hair products that I’m using presently with a rough roundup on them. Plus I get to put up my goofy side which I have to edit out in most of my videos just to get it to an acceptable length and I end up looking like a school marm teaching naughty children šŸ˜€


Do let me know what you think of this format or if you want me to do the “proper videos”. I just wanted to get the ball rolling again and at times I feel like I miss out on connecting with you just coz I end up avoiding the whole editing pain šŸ™ I will try to keep the videos shorter from now on and maybe just cover one topic at a time. I’m listing out the products that I mentioned in the video down below. Though there are repurchases especially in the hair segment but I have a proper review for only one of the products which I will link down below. I hope you enjoy the vid (well atleast somewhat)…Please do leave a comment! Oh sorry about any pronunciation mistakes that I may have made. I will see you soon šŸ™‚




 1. Forest Essentials Bhringraj Hair Vitalizer
3. Kerastase Aminexil Force R




 1. Forest Essentials Panchpushp Toning Mist
2. O3+ White Day Cream
3. Nuxe Dry Oil
4. Nuxe Micellar Cleansing Water
5. Nuxe Hand & Nail Cream
6. Kaya Purifying Spot Corrector


Shikha Agarwal