Shikha Says:

     It has been forever since I reviewed a skin care product. Sorry for the inconsistency ladies! But I believe in testing out a product for a couple of weeks before putting up my reviews…Makeup is relatively faster to review. But I will try to improve. Presently I’m testing a serum from a uber luxury brand and am putting in the time. So watch this space for that. Moving to the cleanser.


     I have heard a lot about this brand that it is one of the best skincare brands in the market today (esp. from people who work in parlors)  and their facials are especially good. I have tried out the facial and I must say it does live up to its claim. I had taken my mom for one as well as she need some major TLC coz there was going to be a marriage in the family. You know moms – they take care of everyone but themselves. Due to her health conditions she faces a lot of skin issues and has developed some pigmentation patches on her skin. 

     The therapist told her about this cleanser and assured her that her dark patches would lighten considerably in a short while and with regular use will disappear. My mom was skeptical but I pushed her to buy the cleanser as the results of the facial were quite good and did wonders for her skin as well.  I don’t remember the exact price of the product but it lies in the range of Rs. 1200-1500/- for 200 ml of product. As far as I know you need to purchase this brand from its authorized/partner parlors (I bought mine from Vivacity near Deshpriya Park). 

     It comes in a white plastic bottle with a dispensing pump. One pump is sufficient for the entire face. The product is actually a cleansing lotion rather than a foam. It is slightly thick in consistency, white in color and has a mild floral scent. You need to apply it with your tips all over and leave it on for 15-20 mins. After that you can either wipe it off or you can wash it out with water. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and supple.

     My mom used it diligently for a week to 10 days twice daily. By the end of the period this patch that was forming below her eye lightened up noticeably. I was using MAC foundation and concealer on her earlier and the patch would still show a little under that. But after using this cleanser I was able to cover it up. What I mean to say that a light to medium was enough to cover the discoloration as opposed to its need for a heavy coverage earlier.

     I threw away the box long back so I don’t have the full list of ingredients. Searching the web yielded no results as well. I did find the active ingredients mention on their website which I am posting below.

  • Morus alba: White mulberry tree root extract, inhibits melanin synthesis 
  • Fatty alcohol ethoxylates: Nonionic tensides, emulsify water- and lipid-soluble particles of dirt without drying out the skin

     If you are looking for a product which will help you with your discoloration problems and provide brightening to your skin as well this cleanser definitely fits that bill. I used it on my undereye area (not  recommended) and it helped to lighten the area. Some may find it pricey but honestly very little of the product is used in a go. More over you can use it as a treatment/therapy product ie as and when your skin needs it then as opposed to something you turn to everyday.

What the company claims:

  • Particularly mild care formula coordinated to the skin´s hydrolipidic barrier
  • Prevents liver spots
  • Leaves the skin feeling clean and refreshed
  • Avoids feelings of tension


  • Does lighten pigmentation and help to brighten the skin
  • Makes skin smooth and supple
  • Easy to dispense pump
  • Price (personally I don’t find it a hindrance esp. coz the product works)
  • Availability

     Hope you liked the review. I now it is kinda lengthy and not in my usual format. Sorry about that. But trying to catch up with all the backload. See you next time divas!

Would you purchase it again? – Yes I would. My present bottle will last quite sometime though but need be I definitely would.

Would you recommend it to your friend? – Yes!