Shikha Says:

     Hello beautiful people! So the rains are finally here giving a small relief from the blistering heat. Phew! But like they say from the fire into the frying pan (its reversed I know) so now the makeup will get washed off due to acid rain rather than sweat :p. Ugh! I was caught last week in a deluge with my mom outside South City Mall here in Kolkata and wouldn’t you know it I had non-waterproof mascara on (water proof hurts my eyes)! Not pretty! But when you are caught in torrential rain with an arm load of packets and not getting a ride I guess it becomes a moot point (at least I wish :D).

     Any-hoo, moving on with my haul from NYX. I bought lippy from one of the other range offered by them. This is in the shade Strawberry Jam and is a part of the Xtreme Lip Cream range. NYX describes it as a hybrid of lipstick, lip gloss, and lip stain. This plastic tube packing contains 7 ml of product and comes with a standard lip gloss applicator. The tube is thinner when compared to the Soft Matte range but is equal in size.
      The color is a deep pink with a slight tone of blue to it and I think it can be adequately be described as magenta color. The pigmentation is intense and it gives you full coverage and better than the soft matte one. The texture is creamy and it stays that way. Hence it is easy to transfer and will need to be redone throughout the day. But it is moisturizing and looks quite nice. Its smell reminds me of a candy that my aunt and gotten from America long back. It had this peculiar smell not quite minty but when you would pop it in your mouth it would give the burst of mint flavor. There is a hint of caramel in the smell but I cant put my finger on it to properly describe it. I paid 4.50$ (Rs. 225 – 256.5/-) for it at

Left one is in natural light
The two top ones are taken in natural light

Would you purchase it again? – I like the color but I would like to try out something else from the range.
Would you recommend it to your friend? – Yes both the color as well as the range