Halloween Harlequin

Harlequin inspired look


Halloween Harlequin Photo Story


Madness is like gravity…all you need is a little push – Joker

I like beautiful things so I surround myself with it…pretty dress with the pretty shoes to go with my pretty lace and pearls. I feel like a doll rather I am one in a perfect world…this amazing life that I lead. I am the star, the center of attention…there is no one who can compare. This makeup that I wear feels like a mask almost (does it hide battle scars???) Non! niet!!! What am I saying…my life is great…always has been…always will…

Halloween Harlequin

Pretty dress with pretty lace and pearls…


There are times when the music fades and I feel the roughness on the edge…this constant noise like a shriek…who is it? why does it sound so familiar? No! I cover my ears and it goes away…must be a bad dream…but in my perfect world there are no nightmares…just me in my pretty dress adorned with pretty lace and pearls…ah look! The birds are chirping…the sun is shining…all is bright and beautiful!!! Here comes the music all nice and upbeat lifting my heart on its speckled wings…



Halloween Harlequin

The music that uplifts me…tinged with the voice that calls to me from the shadows…


Why is it that I see this shadow from the corner of my eye…it lurks just on the edge…a pulsating being…sometimes dark sometimes light. I shake my head and it goes away but returns soon after. It lies in wait…but for what? There is no place for it here…in my world where I sit in my pretty dress with my pretty shoes…my name! Someone whispered my name! Did you hear? It sounded close yet so far away…again that very familiar voice…who is it? Who calls for me? Why does my heart beat so fast? Why is this world fading???


Halloween Harlequin

What lurks in the corner…I see it!


I grip on to my sanity…it begins to move away! I hold it harder yet it slips from my fingers like sand. No! My perfect world cannot shatter…my pretty dress with the pretty shoes to go with my pretty lace and pearls…it cannot fade. There it is again! MY name…someone whispers my name! Who are you? What do you want! Leave me alone!!! I try one last time to grasp on to my sanity…to my perfect world…yet I get pulled under this vortex…into darkness I plunge…


Halloween Harlequin

It takes me over…LEAVE ME ALONE!!!


My name…it whispers my name…it is all dark here…yet not quite so…I see it move in the darkness. It creeps towards me…slithering…crawling…whispering my name. I know this voice! It grates me like nails on a chalkboard yet at the same time sounds soothing…I have heard it before! I have heard this voice before…it is upon me…NO! Let me go!!! Let me be………


Halloween Harlequin

It consumes me with its sweet voice…


Halloween Harlequin

I surrender…I accept it…I embrace it…


I stand in the darkness but now I can see…I stand on the broken glass made once of my dreams. Is this reality? Is this my sanity? Am I insane now as I stand surrounded by darkness? Or was I insane earlier when I lived in my perfect world? Who can tell me? How is one to choose what is sane and what is insane? This sweet voice in my head…tells me to wake up…to see what is before me. I give in…I surrender…if this is my madness I accept it…if this is my reality I accept it…I stand alone surrounded by what could have been…I let the demon whisper in me ear with its sweet voice…I stand realizing Im bound in silver chains…I stand…in my pretty dress and my pretty shoes adorned with pretty lace and pearls…


Halloween Harlequin

Bound by chains…


I am going insane.
Oh wait, I already am.
I see the demons already,
I see the floods.
At least I don’t see,
crimson blood.



Shikha Agarwal

  • The look is totally amazing!

    • Shikha Agarwal

      Thank you šŸ™‚