Ahhh probably the most fun and easiest of the lot. I’m a big foodie as must be obvious from my pics šŸ˜› I really don’t like to diet or restrain myself from trying different stuff. Life is too short to not enjoy the pleasures and variety that it has to offer. I find people who turn their noses on certain stuff so off putting. Instead of abstain one could show some restraint and sample a little from what’s on offer to gain a new experience and some joy. A good meal with friends is sometimes the only therapy one might need. Ok I’ve gotten all preachy and what not. Lets just jump right in – 


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     I love all Chinese food equally….without discrimination. This is my foremost choice and ultimate comfort food. Especially during the rains I crave a lot for it. Some hot Chinese food in a bowl and the pouring rain outside. Nothing can warm you to your toes any better than that. It just feels soothing to me somehow. I especially love cottage cheese preparations, noodles and soups especially Talumein soup. Yum! (Damn now I want some :P).
Rajma (smoked) Chawal

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     Ok now my “Nothern-ness” is up for display. If you are from the North you will know what I mean and why I have selected it without me having to write another line. For the others, gather around. This is a mega popular dish in that part of our country so much so that you can actually order for it in restaurants. Pretty much unheard of in other parts unless of course it is a proper Punjabi restaurant. And what takes this wholesome dish to a whole new level is the addition of some smoked flavor. Honestly you haven’t lived if you have not had some smoked rajma once in your life. There used to be this joint near my college and me with a bunch of my friends would go there once a week on a minimum for almost 2 years. Throw in some onions and pickle and this is food made in heaven!
South Indian 

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     Another genre that I’m very found of. From a plate of idilis/vada to variety of dosas. From Apam to Coconut Curry…..I love this cuisine to pieces! Probably the most common breakfast items in any Indian household. I can survive on upma or rava dosa or apam with curry my entire life. And the chutneys that get served with the meals….oh man! There used to be this restaurant in GK 1 M-Block Market, Delhi called Brindavan. They used to give 3 types of chutneys and they were the best. I have not had similar tasting ones so far and nothing even comes close to that. Whether you want to fill your tummy or get away with a light snack this cuisine definitely has something for you. 
Veg. Biryani

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     This is my weakness. I’m always on the lookout for some excellent biryani and my search is still on for that one special place. The mere fragrance of it can cause my mouth to water. Bowl of biryani with some raita and onion rings….hmmmm. I can have this morning, noon and night šŸ˜‰ Kolkata is a hub of sorts and you can find a huge variety in terms of how it is prepared. And there is the Pakistani version of it which is a whole different ball game. Spicy, filling and very satisfying!

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     I mean really….can you choose just one?!? I don’t have any particular favorites and love them all equally! Chocolates ones rank higher though in terms of preference. From cakes to brownies to macaroons to chocolates…..the list is endless and so the experience with each. They are the perfect pick-me-up’s. There has not been a problem present on the emotional plane that cant be fixed with a decadent dessert. Indulgent, sinful and downright pleasurable. I used to do chocolate making professionally for awhile and it was the most creatively satisfying endeavor. I have been making chocolates since I was 7-8 years old and cakes since I was 10. It is easier for me to whip up a dessert than make a meal šŸ™‚

     So those were my favorites food (groups – lol!!!). Honestly I cant help but pick series/groups/genres šŸ˜› But any-hoo….what I want to know is that one favorite food item that you would want to be with you if you are on a deserted island. That means having it literally forever….or till the time you are rescued….hey which ever comes first šŸ˜€ Basically that one food that you wont mind chowing on till it is coming out of your ears…And with that this is a wrap! (pun intended)