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March 30, 2015

OOTD - Quilted Confessions...

Outfit of the day
Outfit of the day. Pic courtesy - Dolon, Pout Pretty
Outfit of the Day

     I admit it is so not the weather to be putting up this post but it has been lying in wait for its time in the sun and I had to put it out there. I got an invite to attend the Blender's Pride Fashion Tour this December. For a change it was quite cold in Kolkata this time around and I got a chance to wear this quilted overcoat I had picked up from the CIMA Art in Life exhibition last year. It set me back 4 grand but I really liked it and since it is reversible I get more bang for my buck that way. I love the over sized wooden buttons on it. These quilted coats (Rajasthan style) became quite a trend for the season and I saw them popping up in a lot of places in different styles and lengths. I loved the soft colors on this one and the floral print had me hooked. Paired with a basic black outfit and a statement necklace I was all set for the night.

March 25, 2015

Why ballet (flat) shoes are a must have for a fashionista's closet

     There is a very famous quote which probably every shoe maniac has heard off - "Give a girl the right pair of heels and she can conquer the world!". More than clothes its always a spanking pair of shoes that catch my eye and I'm drawn to them. I could pass on getting that accessory or top or makeup but I can never resist shoes. I have quite a collection going on for me...hey since I stand on my two feet (a fav comment of my father's during my tormented teen years) I need fabulous pair of shoes (or 30) to do that with! Am I right? Or am I right!

March 20, 2015

Travel - Experiencing the magic of Kolkata...


     Kolkata is a city known for its rich culture and languid pace. A place book lovers, art enthusiasts and literary geniuses call home. Its laid back pace is often misunderstood but as deep rooted is its culture and elegance the heat of passion runs even deeper. Passion for what it likes, passion for what it believes, passion for causes...When it comes to its passion Kolkata can shine brighter and hotter than any other metro city. The best time to view it in its full glory is the time around Durga puja. This seemingly sleepy city awakens to its true potential and there isn't a single person left who is not buzzing with excitement. 

March 18, 2015

Lakme Absolute Sculpt Studio Matte Lipstick launch event

Lakme Absolute Sculpt Studio Matte Lipstick
Lakme Absolute Sculpt Studio Matte Lipsticks

     Lakme Fashion Week is here and with it Lakme is launching 15 new lip shades! It is all about the sculpted look and after the sculpted face and eyes have created such a storm it is time for sculpted lips to be the next talk of town. In collaboration with Anamika Khanna, who is the grand finale designer, a mini unveiling was organized for bloggers and the media at the designer's store in Kolkata. We got a chance to try out 7 shades from the collection and also see the work-in-progress models of Anamika's collection.

March 15, 2015

Gaurang Shah - Weaving ingenuity...

gaurang shah
Noticed the pale flowers on the white background? Love the attention to detail

     What happens when a complete saree "noob" meets a master? Since I was very young I have been very averse to the whole saree concept. Let me explain...being a tomboy a garment which was so sensual and womanly was my natural enemy so to speak. As a result I have always rejected it on a principle (childish I know). My friends have asked me many times as to why I don't wear one. But I just cant bring myself around to it. Obviously I have absolutely no clue about them and cant distinguish one from the other even if my life depended on it. I got an invite to meet with Gaurang Shah at his Kolkata store. I wanted to read up on him before I actually met him and see the kind of work he does. I came across some pictures of his LIFW '13 collection and was mesmerized with the bold prints and colors of his collection. There was this gorgeous dupatta gracing a cream ensemble which had me hooked. I was thinking how gorgeous a dress or a jacket would look made out of it.


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