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November 17, 2014

NOTD - Tales of Neon...

Nail art

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet now
Make you want to move your dancing feet

- Bob Marley

      I was feeling extremely low since the last few days for no reason whatsoever. Nothing was wrong yet everything was...I was literally "under the weather"! My melancholic mood made me dislike everything around and was sapping what little energy I have. But enough was enough and I had to just pull out of this slump! I don't like to mope about feeling "victimized" fact I despise it and people who have that attitude. There is nothing in this world that cant be dealt with or turned around... I remember one of my college professors saying that when we ladies feel good we dress up...and when we feel bad we should dress up even more so that it helps us come out of the funk and feel good about ourselves. Wiser words were never spoken :D

November 12, 2014

The Mask Informer - Beauty Formulas Relaxing & Healing Foot Mask

Beauty Formulas Relaxing & Healing Foot Mask

     Whaz up chicas! Ok so from today onward I'm starting a new section on the blog - The Mask Informer. I had to make a separate section for it courtesy all the beauty boxes I have been getting! I have a Sample Corner in which I would cover these but somehow it didn't seem to be a good fit to me anymore. Sometimes these sheets are sold individually so it didn't seem fair to categorize them as samples. Well each mask type will be treated individually and by that I mean the review and ranking system will be specific to it and not a generic one. The tub packing ones will get a product scorecard in the end while the sheet masks will have the thumbs rating as you had seen in the sample corner. With that out of the way lets get on with the review...

November 11, 2014

Memebox OMG 2 - Unboxing!

Memebox Special #32 OMG 2

     Hello me Sorelle (sisters)! Before I start off with this unboxing let me first just announce that I will be holding a giveaway on my Instagram profile soon. It has been ages since I did one for you guys :) This time I have a cool kit from Sigma Beauty so keep an eye out for that announcement soon! Korean culture as a whole is a big craze worldwide now and for good reason. They put in so much style and panache in whatever they do. I love love love their music vids - the style, the makeup and damn those dance moves...When I read the description for Memebox OMG 2 box which said that it contained kookiest products that took Seoul by storm I was like Seoul? Kooky? Sign me up pronto!

November 8, 2014

Makeup Eraser - Review & Demo

Makeup Eraser

     You come across the darnedest things on Instagram :D From the completely weird and kooky to some of the most genius and creative. I love browsing through my feed each day! Btw if you want to see what I post you can follow me at (insert shameless self promotion here :P ) - Well now that's out of the way lets go back to the topic. I saw a couple of MUA's that I follow on insta talk about this Makeup Eraser and I was quite flummoxed! How can a a piece of cloth remove makeup sans any product?!? Just water?!? What about that makeup remover? Or the oodles of cotton? Or the face wash? Or that constant rubbing and tugging??? Ok I need to see this for myself! Luckily my sis was about to drop by from US so I asked her to get this for me. Btw they have recently started International shipping.

November 6, 2014

Fresh! The Body Shop Precious Wild Argan Oil Body Care Range


     Experience the sensuality of luxurious organic argan oil in your own home with our Wild Argan Oil Collection. Argan oil has taken hair care by storm, now you can have the benefits of this wonder oil in an indulgent new bath & body collection too.


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