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March 4, 2015

Magnum comes to Kolkata this summers!

Magnum icecream

Magnum launch event in Kolkata with Soha Ali Khan and Chef Kunal Kapoor

     The mere mention of chocolate will make any chocoholics heart skip a beat and when the word "Belgium chocolate" is uttered then it is enough to make one swoon. When I got a call from the Magnum PR about their launch event in Kolkata with a special masterclass with Chef Kunal Kapoor I was raring to go. Soha Ali was going to be the guest of honor for the event. I have been to a few classes earlier taken by renowned chefs so I was expecting something in similar lines. An afternoon of  learning new dishes made by the chef aka a sedated educational affair. The question that came to mind was if it was going to be strictly chocolate based dishes and how would Magnum fit into it all?

February 27, 2015

Couture invitations by Ravish Kapoor now in Kolkata

Ravish kapoor kolkata
Ravish Kapoor store on Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata

Innovative Invitations by Ravish Kapoor launches store in Kolkata

     The first time I heard the saying "Love is in the details" was on the Oprah show. The concepts, products and gift ideas that she would present would all be beautiful down to its minutest part. It would amaze me to no end that how much effort one was willing to put into the smallest of things something a person like me who is always about the big picture would fail to comprehend. But even I will admit that they would make a huge impact aesthetically. Being able to change my outlook and actually notice something like that made me understand what Oprah meant. When it comes to expressing their love people want to shout it from the rooftops and don't want to leave any stone un-turned. How can anyone take a back seat when it comes to their biggest day then aka their wedding! Well good news for all the Kolkata folks, Ravish Kapoor has finally set up shop here to help you express your joy in the grandest of styles. 

February 14, 2015

Valentine's and all that jazz (featuring Maybelline)

Maybelline Valentine's Day Kit

Maybelline Valentine's Day Kit - Rs. 999/-

Ho gayee hai mohabbat tumse

Aaein palkon mein khaab banke
Reh gaye sar-aankhon par
Bade hain ahsaan humpe
Dil ne kiya jab asar

Oh, Mil gayee hai amanat tumse
Ho gayee hai mohabbat tumse

- Aslam & Shibani

     This is one of my favorite songs back when I was sixteen! Brings back such wonderful memories - the hopes, the wishes, the butterflies-in-my-stomach, the anticipation, the doubts...the entire naivety and expectations that Valentine's would bring in. Waiting to confess to the one we liked, hearing other people confessing to you and who can forget getting chased by people one had no interest in and being ignored by the ones who had ours. Lol! What a beautiful roller coaster those days were. Though at that time a lot of them felt so embarrassing and end-of-the-world types but I would love to relive them once again any time. The best part would be getting those cards and gifts...remember how they would be hidden in your desk by your "secret admirer" (read the creepy weirdo in the other section :P ). Ah! beautiful memories...

February 13, 2015

Travel guide - Why you should hire premium cabs in Kolkata for comfort

     There is nothing more relaxing or liberating as travelling to different places and exploring new things. The regularity of our routines tends to drain us completely with its monotonous nature and for someone like me who hates that it is extremely off putting. In order to recharge myself I need to take a short trip and just let my hair down. But the picture is not so rosy especially when you are a single woman traveler. Navigating a new place especially an unknown one can be a daunting task. Since I don't want anything to stress me out I prefer hiring cabs especially on the luxury side to keep the experience as pleasant as possible. 

February 5, 2015

Fresh! L'Occitane en Provence launches the Vert and Bigarade Collection this February

L'Occitane en Provence launches the Vert and Bigarade Collection this February

     La Collection de Grasse celebrates the fragrant destiny of this French Provençal town by bringing together raw materials from close and distant lands. The latest, Thé Vert & Bigarade is one of the exceptional fragrances in La Collection de Grasse, celebrating the refreshing union between the aromatic green tea and the zesty bitter orange. 


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