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September 15, 2014

Hot Oil Treatment 101 - Infographic

     Hello lovely people! Surprised to see no title image?!? Well today I have something very different and special for you :) I have created my first infographic! In it I have covered some basics of hot oil treatment for your hair like the benefits, different ways of doing it and finally some tips to help you along and make it more beneficial. It took me quite sometime to make it but in the end I was very excited to do something so creative. I hope you guys like it goes!

September 13, 2014

A Date with ITC Sonar - Khad Khazana Festival

Khad Khazana
Pic courtesy - ITC Sonar

     Everyone talks about the rich culture and heritage of India...from the different art forms to textiles to a million other things that signify it. But none illustrates this statement better than the cuisine of our country. A distance of a few kilometers will see quite a change in the ingredients being used or even the method of preparation. I was not aware how many different tastes can emerge from the same area until I attended the Khad Khazana festival at ITC Sonar. Like a whole lot of people I assumed that the food would be more or less uniform coming from a particular region. Boy was I wrong :) Very thankful to the PR of the chain for extending me this invitation.

September 12, 2014

Fresh! Bollywood #GoesGlossy at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter Festive 2014

Bollywood #GoesGlossy at Lakme Fashion Week 
Winter Festive 2014 

     Inspired by runways internationally, the Gloss look ruled the makeup at Lakmé Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2014. The much in vogue, hot trend characterized by well hydrated dewy skin and hi-shine makeup created some fabulous looks for Bollywood’s most beautiful women. Having walked the runway for some amazing collections, these showstoppers did not fail to capture audiences with some of fashion week’s most fascinating makeup trends. Here’s presenting some great tips using Lakmé’s hot new range of Lakmé Absolute Gloss products: 

Fresh! Elle 18 gives you the latest in Eye Art Trends

The latest eye makeup trends by Elle 18

     When a girl takes the time to apply eye makeup, she simply wants her eyes to stand out and make a style statement. Elle 18 elevated this everyday ritual into an art form.  Nail art might have taken the style quotient of teenagers to the next level, and now, Elle 18’s Eye Art will take it up another notch. So here are some quirky ways to go beyond the simple touch-up:

September 9, 2014

OOTD - A Touch of Blue, A Whisper of Cream...

outfit of the day

     Can you believe it is September already?!? Time has literally flown in the blink of an eye...I cant believe that within a matter of few weeks Durga puja will be here and with it the promise of a new year. 2014 has been quite rich and rewarding so far (touch wood) and I can only hope it spills into the coming year. By the blessings of the Goddess, I'm sure there will be a lot to look forward too in everyone's lives. A few days back I shared with you my experience with a new salon. Today I want to share what I wore to the event. Also some wonderful photography of a weird and conscious model by my girl Poorna of Presented by P. 


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