Shikha Says:

     Hello Divas! Howz the summer treating ya? It is just so bloody hot out here :(. 3 cheers for online shopping! Ok enough with the ham and lets get down to business. Another day another jumbo pencil.

     This is actually a greenish gold shade as opposed to a lime color. I was sort of disappointed as I was expecting a really light neon-y green color. But on the other hand though it was not what I expected it to be it is an adorable shade. It has a shimmery finish but you cant see the glitter particles in it. They are very minute and add a dimension to the color. Comes with the standard smooth texture of the jumbo pencils. I paid $3.60 for 5gms of product (Rs. 202/-) but you can get it for Rs. 340/- of Urban Touch.

Would you purchase it again? – Love the shade. I just might.

Would you recommend it to your friend? – Absolutely