Shikha Says:

     Did anyone catch the NYX Face Awards? The competition was just so awesome! The talent that was portrayed was astonishing. So many creative ideas. And NYX was more than generous in the amount of freebies it gave out to each contestant in every round. Some products were really great and I caught the bug to go and explore this brand some more. I bought a couple of items off Blanc 2 Noir.

     Definitely a raved about product from the brand are the Jumbo Eye pencils. I must confess that I had not tried this out earlier and finally jumped on to that band wagon and got myself 4 shades. After seeing the product for myself I can understand why it is raved about. It truly is that good. The range comprises of 32 shades in all. 

     One of the colors that I got is the shade purple. It is deep blue toned purple shade with a sheen to it. The texture is very smooth and it is just so easy to apply and blend. People even use it as a base for eyeshadows to enhance the color intensity of the shades which is probably the best way to use them. Given the creamy texture it tends to fade when applied on its own over the lid. It is quite a versatile product though. Oh yes not to mention huge! This 5gm stick will last me a long time. I paid $3.60 (Rs. 202/-) for it and you can get it for about Rs. 340/- at Urban Touch.

Would you purchase it again? – I would like to try out other shades instead of repurchasing this one again.

Would you recommend it to your friend? – Yes.