Shikha Says:

     I have been waiting for the longest time to buy some products from this brand. I’m sure a lot of you have heard about Makeup Geek and the beauty guru behind it Marlena. I just love her personality and her story is so inspiring. If you are yet unaware about her then do make it a point to check out youtube channel. She creates these gorgeous makeup looks which are easy to follow plus her vids such fun to watch as she is so bubbly and friendly. Now after running her channel, blog and online shop successfully for such a long time she is trying out her hand in releasing her own products. Started of with some eyeshadows and now has forayed into lipsticks, gel liners and brushes as well. 



     Isn’t the packing simply beautiful. The colors and patterns are completely girly (or should I say “womanly”). The eyeshadows are available in refill and pots format. For 1.8 gm of product you would have to pay $5.99 (approx Rs.  335/-) for the refill and the compact costs $7.99 (approx Rs.  447/-) which is a very decent price. Marlena’s aim is to deliver top quality products which are at par with MAC and other brands. A lot of the shades can be used as dupes for existing or discontinued products. 



     Coming to the product. The texture is really smooth and soft. The color is a golden greenish blue quite like fish scales and the name is very apt. Im a total sucker for this shade. I have something similar in NYX. For me this color is quite whimsical. The pigmentation is great. The shadow is easy to apply and blend. Definitely a quality product. The pans can fit easily into your Z palette rather are meant for it.



Pics above: Natural light. Pic below: Artificial/blub light. Both without primer.


Pics above: Natural light. Pic below: Artificial/blub light. Both without primer.

      I ordered a couple of items from the site. Shipping costed me $6.47 (approx Rs. 356/-) which is a steal. And I got the package within 8 days. I was totally gobsmacked when I got my parcel cause I was not expecting it before 15 days (Yea!!!). So what are you waiting for?!? Do give this brand a try. I will posting more reviews soon. Until next time….Take care. Happy Shopping!!

Would you purchase this again? – Love the color! But I would like to get something different from the brand for variety sake.

Would you recommend it to your friend? – Absolutely! The quality is really good and for the price tag totally worth it.