Shikha Says:

     Hello Chicas! Back with another product from Coastal Scents. Let me just say Im so impressed with the pigmentation that I have seen so far from the brand. Really good.
This one here is a matte shade and to be very honest with you I did not realize that it was one else I would have thought twice about buying it. My impression of a matte shade is that it does not have good pigmentation and is chalky by nature. But this one changed my mind. 
    The texture is very smooth making it so easy to work with. Plus it has an intense light blue shade that just pops. I remember seeing a Cleopatra eye makeup contest on a blog and I think this shade would have been perfect for that look. Price is 1.99$ for 1.3 gms of product (approx Rs. 99.50 – 105.50/-).

Would you purchase it again? – Lovely shade. But it will last me sometime and I would like to try something else.

Would you recommend it to your friend? – Yes!