Whats up my friends!! Today I’m back again with another shade from the YSL Glossy Stain range – Fushcia Dore (shade no 14). I so love this product range and am glad that I discovered it. Cant wait to try out some more colors from it. So without further ado lets jump right into a express review. 


* YSL logo in red adorns an elegant black and gold rectangle bottle
* Stands about 3 inches tall roughly
* Though made of plastic the bottle looks like black stone and the cap looks mettalic. So chic
* One can see the color in the bottle from any of the two windows made on the bottle
* Comes with slanted tip sponge applicator

* Sweet smelling.
* Product contains alcohol
* A light liquid gel like texture so unlike a gloss
* Feels like water on the lips when applying and once dry doesn’t feel like you have something on
* Perfect for people who want lip gloss look sans the tackiness/thickness
* Alcohol content does not dry out the lips
* Felt that this one sat in the lines

* Decent pigmentation
* Can be applied sort of sheer and can be built up to some coverage. This did not give full coverage ie some amount of pigmentation of the lips could be seen. 
* Not transfer proof but does not transfer much
* Color is hard to pin point. Looks very purple-y pink (fuchsia) with gold shimmer in the tube. Looks rose pink/red in the hand swatch. Looks deep red initially on the lips but transforms slightly to brownish red. Guess it adapts to the pigmentation of the lips somewhat.
* Shimmer is visible in the tube but does not show up in noticeable way on the lips. Adds dimension to the color
* Looks like lip gloss for the initial few hours but with consumption of food etc acquires a more lipstick like look
* Color does not go away completely over time. Stains the lip

One in the middle is taken in natural light. Bottom one in tube light

     That was that for this review. Personally I did not like this shade much on me as I’m kinda averse to brown toned lippies. But as a product range it is completely awesome and I will be picking up more shades from it. So my preference for the color and some difference in the texture has affected its score in comparison to the last one. I felt it is a little dark on me and would have loved if some of the fuchsia/pink tone would have been visible. But that is just me. Do remember that these glosses look quite different on the lips in comparison to the hand swatch.

     Hope you found the review useful. I will see you when I present the next review. Do leave your thoughts and comments about the review. See ya around!

Would you purchase YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain Fuschia Dore again? – No I would not as I didn’t like the color. I will purchase the product range.

Would you recommend YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain Fuschia Dore to your friend? – Product – yes! Color – on the fence.