Shikha Says:

      On my last trip to Delhi during the winter season, I wanted to pick up a really good and moisturizing lotion that would arm me to combat the harsh cold weather :p (love winters in Delhi BTW :D). So during my shopping excursion in GK M-Block market I walked in Kunchals to buy a whole load of goodies!! The SA there recommended this product when I told him my requirements. He gave me a small squirt to test – it was love at first smell *sigh*. LOL no Im serious this smells sooo good. Hard to put in words – something sweet and sensual at the same time. I bought the Soft & Dreamy fragrance, there are 3 others beside this one which I will be elaborating on in the section below. The texture is pretty good as well. It is thicker than other body lotions (ex – Vaseline) and a little goes a long way with it.

Whipped like consistency

I have spread the drop shown above

The above shown amount I applied on both my hands (area shown between the arrows) front and back

     It comes in an easy-to-dispense pump which helps you to control the amount of product you get in one time. My skin felt so hydrated and soft that it became a must-buy for me. I paid around Rs 1100 – 1200/- for 500ml which might seem quite steep in comparison to Indian counterparts. But personally I felt that it was worth the cost. Unlike other lotions where one can feel the need to apply more after just a few minutes of application (I sometimes have to go in twice to three times to get the level of hydration that is satisfactory to me) this does the trick in one application. The smell lingers on your skin for quite awhile  (about 5-6 hours easily) which just prolongs the bliss factor 😉
List of Ingredients:
Company Claims:
   ” Be drenched in pink! Creamy lotion hydrates your bod from tip to toes with our super softening cotton complex and a healthy combo of vitamins E and C. 

     Smell so soft with dreamy meringue and whipped cream.”

Fresh & Clean fragrance

Sunny & Happy fragrance

Pretty & Pure fragrance


  • The Smell!!! (Hands down – well for me and Dimp atleast :p)
  • Really hydrating
  • Effect lasts quite awhile (or till you wash your hands :D)
  • As I pointed out due to the texture as well as the fact that it is quite moisturizing, this 500ml bottle is going to last a long time (Im using it for my hands during the summer/monsoon season and for full arms and legs during winters) so personally I feel it will prove to be cost effective in the long run.
  • Ease of availability – I know Victoria’s Secret products are easily available in Mumbai and Delhi. But I dont know about the rest of the country. I do not even know where to begin to look for it in Kolkata.
  • Price – well the price I payed for it was steep especially for first impressions. But hey be on the look out and Im sure you can get a better bargain for it. The company has listed it for 12$ on their site (which is like half of what I paid). There are a lot of discounted product online sellers where Im sure you can get this for much less ( carries the brand)


Would you buy it again? Well this bottle will last me so once it gets over I would look for some other options just to try out something new. But yes if I had to I would absolutely buy this product again. No doubt about it!!

Would you recommend it to a friend? Yes I would along with the advice to buy it online or shop around for a better price.