Have you ever faced the problem of dry feet all year round? Varying in the dryness during the seasons but still a consistent pain? Since I have crossed a certain age this has become a constant problem for me. A day or two after getting a pedicure done my feet will go back to looking dry and get this white cast around the bottom edges. Being a lazy person I just cant form a habit of nourishing them everyday plus with all the work around me I end up forgetting about it too. Sigh..why does beauty not come easy šŸ˜›

     Anyways I was sent this product by the PR of The Nature’s Co. for review. It is the Walnut-Mint Foot Scrub from their Earthborne collection. Nature’s Co. has these different collections inspired by the various aspects of nature – 
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  • Atmospure – Inspired by pure air this range pays tribute to the soothing and calming feeling that comes from the purity found in the atmosphere.
  • Starrize – Inspired by the sun, the biggest star in our solar system. Like the sun, the products provide nourishment. But at the same time, they protect, especially against harmful radiation and its effects. Setting you up with the sparkle and energy to face the day.
  • Foressence – The enchanted forest and all it holds is captured in this range. Brimming with colorful, exotic ingredients, strong, captivating fragrances and the goodness and variety that only a natural forest can provide.
  • Earthborne – Of the earth and by the earth, this range is an embodiment of the earth and all the nurturing properties that are found in its soil, minerals and mud.
  • Aquaspark – The abundance of the oceans and rivers and all they hold find expression here. The rich aquatic & coastal ingredients in these products, like moss, red algae and seaweed hydrate and replenish while invigorating and refreshing your day.
     The scrub comes in a transparent tube packing with a flip cap. The product is a light cream texture with the walnut granules present it. There is a light mint scent present which does not feel over powering rather is soothing in a way. There is another smell in the base of it but I cant put my finger on it. There were no proper instructions present on the packing as to the ideal way this should be used. Given the creamy nature of it I decided to use it on washed dry feet. 
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     A little product goes a long way and covers a large area. The granules felt abrasive but they did not end up scratching the skin. After rubbing for a short while the cream portion gets completely absorbed into the skin and the granules get dusted off. My skin felt soft, smooth and they got that healthy cast of well nourished skin. I did not have major peeling issues just the white dry cast which was removed by the product.  Initially I used it for twice a week as my skin had the need for it. But in 5-6 applications I have come down to reaching for it only on an SOS basis and it has been over a week since I have felt the need for it. 
     I really like the fact that it gets absorbed into the skin and there is no lengthy ritual that I need to get into every time I use this. I like the results that I got for now and I’m eager to see how this fares during the harshness of winter. The twin nature of the product is just so appealing for a person like me. Normally if I would have gone to store this is not something that I would have picked up. Given the general assumption that one has about the other scrubs that are available in the market like they being just a scrub mainly or something that should be used primarily in the bath. 
     But I’m quite happy discovering its unique qualities as it cuts the need for me to use two separate products (scrub and moisturizer) to achieve the result it gave me. The cream portion of it is not oily and my feet are not left with that slippery feel that one gets on slapping on a moisturizer/cream. Price is Rs. 425/- for 125 ml of product. If you are interested in purchasing the product you can get it online or from their stores. 
     With that I conclude this review. I have changed my product review pattern a bit where I have removed the pros and cons part and introduced the score card where the product will be judged on packing, texture and performance. Do let me know if you like this new way or would prefer the pros/cons part along with the scorecard better. Also let me know if the review was useful to you. Have you tried products from this brand earlier? What is your favorite product from them? Hoping to hear from you. See ya!
Would you purchase The Nature’s Co. Walnut-Mint Foot Scrub again? – This tube will last me for a long time. For varieties sake I might not. But otherwise – yes I would.
Would you recommend The Nature’s Co. Walnut-Mint Foot Scrub to your friend? – Yes. 


Disclaimer – The product was sent to me by the company for review. Like always I present to you my honest views and experience with the product and it being a PR sample does not affect my opinion of it. Sorelle Grapevine’s policy is to be true to its readers at all times. Thank you.