Shikha Says:

     So the great Body Shop sale was on and boy could you get some cool deals. In case any of you missed it you can still catch it. It is on till the 31st of Aug. I did a haul post when I first went for the sale and this time around I just picked up 2 products so I’m going to review them one by one. Coming to this lotion, I got a 10% discount on it (for me that is not much) but I was sucker for its smell. I love the pink grapefruit-y smell that this product has. Dimp would say its ok (she was worried why I acted like a possessed woman but hey I love the smell – give me a break :p). If you don’t like a citrus smell then steer clear of this one.
It is easy to control the quantity of product you want to dispense out. This is  the min. amount I could get.

With the quantity shown above I can cover both my palms front side to get the amount of hydration I need. My palms are slightly dry.
     It is a light pinky peach colored lotion meant for normal skin. Gets absorbed quickly into your skin leaving a cooling sensation and a strong citrus smell behind. It costs Rs. 495/- for 250 ml of product which is on a steeper side. If you have dry skin then this product may not be ideal for you as you may need to to put in 2-3 applications before you get the hydrated skin feeling. But I personally feel that it is ideal for the summers and for places with high humidity. I get a slightly sticky feeling when I put this on especially on my palms but after 2 minutes or so the feeling goes away. The packing is good. It comes in an easy to control pump which can be locked.
List of Ingredients:
Company Claims:

    “Lightweight, cooling moiturisation with mouth-watering pink grapefruit oil and pink grapefruit water. Normal Skin.”

     “Super-light, refreshing moisture with pink grapefruit oil, rich in fatty acids, and vitamin-rich pure grapefruit water to cool, hydrate and help keep skin looking firm and supple.” 
  • Lightweight and cooling lotion ideal for the hot summer months
  • Nice citrus smell
  • Provides ideal amount of moisturization for normal skin type


  • Price
  • Gives a slight sticky feeling initially.
  • The smell can get a little overpowering when you apply a large area.


Would you but it again? No. There is nothing unique or special about it that would make me purchase it again. The novelty of the smell wears off quickly. I don’t know if it is making my skin firm as I have used 4-5 times and didn’t feel any different in that manner.
Would you recommend it to your friend? No I would not.