Shikha Says:

     After my experience with Body Shop Shimmer Cubes I was tempted to explore what more they had on offer. My research online bought me across this baked eyeshadow on offer by them. They have 5 shades on offer out of which I liked this jade combination the best. I like the packing of it. It comes in a round plastic container which though is thin plastic but seems sturdy enough and is light weight.

     The texture of the product is really smooth and it can be worn both dry as well as wet. The pigmentation is decent and can be built upon as desired. I would describe the lighter shade as golden-ish light green with very fine gold sparkle. The dark shade is actually black with very fine green sparkle in it. I know it looks like a dark green in the pic and at first I though so too. But after swatching it for a few times I realized that it was actually black. The green sparkle makes it look like a dark green. Price Rs. 935/- for 2gms of product.

Under different lights. I have both the colors on over NYX base in skin tone.

Would you purchase it again? – Its pretty but no I would not.

Would you recommend it to your friend? – Maybe. Its not like a must buy or anything. Its ok.