Summer Glam Makeup Tutorial
Summer Glam Makeup Tutorial
Summer Glam Makeup Tutorial
     Hey! I’m doing a tutorial after ages and I must say I feel so out of touch. My new camera is putting me through the paces and kicking the sh*t out of me 😛 This was my 3rd attempt at recording this look. I know I still have a long way to go to make it just right so I would appreciate feedback and suggestions from you to improve your viewing experience. This is a look that I wore in my last vid ie Jewelry Haul from Aliexpress and I was at a loss of finding the right name for it. Well all thanks to Dolon this has an apt name now 😀 I made a talk through vid this time around just coz I wanted it to be easy for even beginners to follow and be able to replicate it. If you would like short tuts then do let me know that as well. Personally I don’t like the ones that zoom through the look in a couple of minutes coz they sometimes become hard to understand especially if you don’t have a technique down…

Summer Glam Makeup Tutorial
– Coastal Scents Original 88 palette for the 2 shades
– Loreal Chrome Shine Sepia Sparkle
Coastal Scents Duo Defining Wand in Sugarcane/Mahogany
– Maybelline Gel Liner Brown/Gold Swirl
– Essence Multi Action Blackest Black Mascara
– Inglot Fluffy Brush 6SS
– Inglot Dome Brush 80HP
– Clinique Eyeshadow Brush
– Vega Smudge Brush


Summer Glam Makeup Tutorial


– YSL Touche Eclat foundation in BD 50
– Mac Pro Longwear concealer in NC42
– Mac MSF medium/dark for contouring
– MUA Blush Shade 04
– Mac 129 brush for contouring
– Real Techniques Blush Brush
– Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush
– Sigma 3DHD Kabuki Brush
Summer Glam Makeup Tutorial
– Vega Lip Liner Brush
     As always do let me know what you think of this look. If you like the stuff I make then please do subscribe to the channel to keep updated on my latest content. I will be shooting another vid soon and hopefully it all goes down in one try. Honestly sometimes I miss my old cam so so much 🙁 I am thinking of using it for certain things till I gain mastery over the new beast aka my Nikon. I wish someone had warned me that it had such a huge learning curve and a$$ kicking especially when it comes to making vids 😀 Well enough of boo-hoo’s…see you chicas around…buh bye!