Summer Clothes Haul

     The weather in Kolkata has been brutal to say the least. First we had a barely cold winter (and winters can get really cold out here…I’m talking fleece socks and night-suit kinda cold) and then the summers descended on us with a vengeance and right off the bat we were facing temperatures of 40 degrees! The amount of sweating that went on quickly discourages you from even considering to put on even a layer of makeup on your face and only the thinnest possible material would be tolerant enough. Remember when we were teenagers? How we could literally sleep in our favorite pairs of jeans? When questioned we would swear to the ends of the earth how they were the most comfortable thing ever? Summer?!? Scoff! How the heck does that matter and can come in between….

     Well cut to the time beyond the “wonder years”. Even the thought of having to touch a pair of jeans in this weather shoots waves of irritation through me. Putting on a pair and actually venturing out in this heat makes me hyperventilate….fine cutting to the chase. Summer = light and breathable clothes = shopping = šŸ™‚ I went  am going through a complete skirt mania phase and made make a beeline for it. I started searching the entire net world to find myself some lovely pieces. Since I have saddlebags, I was looking for some long, flowy skirts which would cover my problem areas and at the same time add a touch of whimsical-ness to the ensemble. Badly wanted to lay my hands on a ballerina skirt and found something on Ebay. Long story short…it was not as expected and now lies in my “hope” (when-I-become-thin-I-will-wear-it) chest.


     In the video, I have showcased some of the pieces that I have picked up over the course of the last few months. But my favorite so far has been that amazing shopping session I had at Dakhinapan. Finding some of the very pieces I had been drooling over online at less than half the rate has a level of satisfaction and smugness that truly cannot be expressed in words. Oh btw, I actually got around 15 pieces for the same price that I paid for 3 pieces at Only…well they threw in a cute speaker for free so I guess it was a small consolation šŸ˜› But really there is something to be said for the merits and thrill of street shopping. Ooo! and finding your size šŸ˜‰

     So I hoped you all will enjoy the vid. Please do subscribe to my channel and leave your lovely comments. And ya, do tell me about your favorite summer find so far whether in clothes or makeup. I spotted so many amazing pieces in stores this time around and it was really hard to choose among them. I didnt stop till I didnt end up blowing all my cash šŸ™ And that delays my holidays plans even more….sigh! Any-hoo I will catch you guys soon. Buh-bye!