Shikha Says:

      The contest is finally over. Though there were not a lot a entries but the response to them was amazing. Yea!! So now without further ado let’s unveil the name of the lucky lady who won it!

      I don’t think there should be any doubt in this one. The winner by a landslide is – Lee B (Lisha Batta). This beautiful and talented miss sent this very creative eye look which caused a whole lot of buzz. More so there were so many pics and vids that I saw after this entry that had the same heart near eye versions going on. This lady has started a new trend dare I say it 🙂 Enjoy you goodies Lee. Please mail me your address. Btw this entry got 325 views 42 comments and 180 likes on FB!
      Rhythm – you were really good as well. I especially liked the second look that you did. So in order to show our appreciation for your upcoming talent we have decided to give you a consolation prize 🙂 You can choose either the lipstick featured in prize or any 2 of the 4 shades shown. Please email me your address as well. 
      That wraps it up! We will bring in more such contests and giveaways in the near future so keep tabs on us. Your comments and suggestions are more then welcome. Do let us know what type of contests/giveaways you would like to see ie specific ones like eye makeup, lips etc, and/or having specific prizes like from Loccataine, Inglot, Body Shop, MAC, etc. Catch you all later!