MAC Brush Cleaner


     I think one of the most enjoyable thing for a makeup enthusiast apart from collecting the smorgasbord of makeup is to collect all kinds of makeup brushes. Whether I know what it does or doesn’t hey so and so talked about and now I need one too (sounds familiar). And once we have our sizable collection in hand and feel all warm and fuzzy inside after we have tried each and every one of them. What joy!! But what is this…..tried each and everyone…..that means now I have to……clean them ALL???!!!! ARGH!!! Someone kill me….kill me now!

 I find it the most tedious thing to do. Wash them in shampoo properly so that the bristle maintains it shape. Then condition them. Then lay them all out and find a proper place where they can take their own sweet time too dry which is usually like a day for me. Plus with dogs in the house their hair gets into everything….and I mean everything…..Does not matter how careful you are those little buggers are damn sneaky. Sigh!
The Body Needs
     I don’t know how many of you know about the online store called the The Body Needs but they are known to stock MAC samples. Now the company as such does not do the whole sample thing. What these people do is buy the full size product, break them into sample sizes and sell it forward at reasonable rates. I’m talking almost the entire MAC line can be gotten here in sample size. I actually went a little nuts in their store (big surprise there) and got a couple of different items. I really wanted to try out some of the lipsticks without having to purchase the full size. 
MAC Brush Cleaner


     One of the many items that I got was the brush cleaner. Now this is one of the iconic products from MAC. You will hear a lot of people talking about it. Being a MAC product it gives you a pause wondering if it is worth buying such an expensive product for so mundane a task which can be done with the good ole soap and water for not even 1/10th of the cost. For this very reason I gave this product the slip at the store each time. But I could not resist the sample to try it out.


MAC Brush Cleaner demo
Look at the amount of ish that came out of my contour brush šŸ˜› And I washed it recently


     I have seen a vlogger who was supposed to be an ex-MAC makeup artist saying that she just dips the brushes into the bottle and swirls it around. I found this method very unhygienic….the dirt will remain in the bottle right….Any hoo being at a loss about how to use this best I Googled (nothing beats that right) I came across a few suggestions and tried it out. My stippling brush was in a major need of some good cleaning. I poured a 2-3 drops on the brush and then taking a paper towel I wiped the bristles in one direction.Honestly I was stumped at the result. 


MAC Brush Cleaner
Gonna demo these two brushes for you. One is a smudger from Health N Glow and the other is a liner brush that you get with Maybelline Gel Liner


     The product just kept coming out and with each wipe I could make out the white color of the bristles. I mean it did not even take 5 minutes and I could tell that my brush was clean. Plus within a few minutes more it was dry!!! GADZOOKS!!! 15 minutes top and I’m good to go :O For something that takes me a good 15-20 minutes to do and on top of that an entire day of wait time I was all set in 15. Seeing the results I bought out all my brushes that I have been using frequently and gave them a good cleaning. 


MAC Brush Cleaner demo
Wet the brush and rubbed it on a paper towel


     I tried it 2 ways – one was to put some drops on the brush and then use the napkin and the other was to put some on the napkin and then use it on the brush. I somehow found the putting on brush system better. Temptalia recommends that you transfer the contents into a spray bottle and then use the product. So you will end up using very little of the product each time.

     I’m sure it contains some form of alcohol in it coz the brushes dry up fast. Plus if there is some alcohol it helps to disinfect the brush and on top of it removes the kinda funky smell that the brush develops due to use. Just in a few minutes it was all gone. I soooo love this that I’m going to go and buy the full size now.


MAC Brush Cleaner demo
Look how clean the brush has become. I can see the color of the bristles šŸ™‚


     Ok I will be  forth with and say that I’m writing all this after using it just once (albeit on a couple of my brushes). Some of you might protest but honestly it was a no brainer for me. There is nothing else left that this product could do given what it does and the results I saw. I didn’t feel the need to test it over time and bring it you. The results are in front of you in one application. Price is around Rs. 650/- for 235 ml of product (dont know present rate got it off the net).

     Hope you found the review useful. I know I wrote the long one again even though I said I will be writing it out point wise but it becomes really difficult at times to hold yourself back especially when you have so much to say about something šŸ˜› If you guys have issues with it and want the express version only then do let me know and I will try to improve. Do get back to me with your thoughts and comments on this. Eagerly waiting to hear from you. Take care – Bye!