Honestly I don’t know what is up with my skin these days. Why all of a sudden it has decided to be dry over the usual combination type. But I know it is a phase for it and it is still deciding which way it wants to swing and one of these days will do a complete 180 on me šŸ˜› But on the positive side I get to test out products for all the people who have dry skin problems. I was sent this product by the company after they asked me some questions about my skin concerns. This came at the perfect time for me. 

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     Omved is a Mumbai based brand and they have very wide range of products. I love visiting their store every time I go to Mumbai. I remember I had gone there within a few months of them opening their doors at the Palladium outlet. I bought this hair pack which came in powder form and was packaged in those old ceramic containers that our ancestors used to store pickles in. Loved the packing so much but unfortunately since it was heavy I had to leave it behind. But I still remember it after all this time and that it quite a feat for my horrible short term memory šŸ˜›

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     You can find over 200 products in their stores from cosmetics to clothes to puja stuff etc etc. It is their endeavor to bring to their customers 100% natural products and provide it in packing that is biodegradable and recycled. The tag line of the company reads “Be Balanced. Be Natural. Be You”. Based on ancient Vedic traditions their products are crafted to help one live a healthy and holistic life.

     Omved Intense Moisturizing Cream comes in a square glass bottle with a plastic cap which has a frosted metal finish. The packing is bulky thus making it inappropriate for travel. I wish they had used a different material for it as I could then carry it easily with me but now I have to find another container to transfer it into if I want to take it along with me.

  “This non-greasy, fast absorbing moisturizer keeps skin soft, supple and resilient. It’s smooth consistency  glides on and melts into the skin, almost instantly as it restores elasticity of dry or damaged skin.

* Vitamin E rich Kokum butter regenerates dead skin cells
* Wonder flower Chamomile nourishes dry, flaky or troubled skin.
* Sesame oil penetrates 7 layers of the skin for wrinkles and aging effects.”

     The cream has a light scent to it which has light floral tones but the base tone has a nutty/oil like smell to it. The texture is like a thick moisturizer as opposed to a proper cream. It absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves it feeling properly hydrated. If your skin feels really dry and you get that tugging stretchy feeling then this will really help to make your skin feel comfortable.

     I have been using it for almost a month now. When I wash my face in the morning my skin feels very dry and stretchy. I apply this and my skin just drinks it up. I don’t have to go over my face too many times with it and a little product goes a long way. I don’t get a film like feel except a little on my T zone after a while. But one application and I’m good for the entire day or till the time I wash my face. Cant say if it has any effect on wrinkles but I do feel that I need it less now and sometimes can get away with using a light moisturizer. My skin does not feel completely satisfied on those days but I manage.

     Apart from the Clarins night cream that I reviewed a short while back this is another which didn’t break me out at all which was very surprising. Though it seems a little pricey paying Rs. 440/- for 40 gms of cream from a brand which is not so well known. But if you look at the fact that is an Au natural product and a little of it covers more area and helps to repair the skin over time so that it feels less dry the price gets justified. I have used it for a month every day and I think this jar can easily last me over 3 months.

    So that concludes my review on it. For the new readers let me just say that in spite of the fact that this was sent to me by the PR of the company in no way has that fact affected my view on the product. For my regular readers – you already know this little tidbit :). Do let me know if any of you have tried this product or brand and what are thoughts on it. Is there any product from the brand that you really liked? As always waiting to hear from you. Take care!

Would you purchase Omved Intense Moisturizing Cream again? – If I suffer from dry skin issues then yes I just might (unless I find something better).

Would you recommend Omved Intense Moisturizing Cream to your friend? – Yes I would.