Shikha Says:

     Let me just start of by saying that I’m so not a matte person. I dont go for this finish in shadows or lippies. Not my cup of tea. I find it either chalky in the case of shadows or drying and unforgiving in the case of lippies. Till date there have been very few matte products that I liked (ok 2 that I can think of – MAC Viva Glam Lipstick and Coastal Scents eyeshadow). 

      I was apprehensive when I bought this. I was totally prepared for it to be in the same lines as Bourjois Velvet finish. I’m so glad that it was not. Quite a surprise. It goes on creamy and then finishes into a soft matte look. Let me point out that it is not as judgmental as matte lipsticks as it does not emphasize the imperfections or lines of your lips. It does feel slightly dry after you have had it on for a couple of mins. And call me crazy but to me it smelled like cappuccino….Hmmm yum!

     The color is a true red. No blue tone to it and no other color trying to sneak up as a tone, sheen, shimmer whatever. Just a pure red. It gives you full coverage but is not as opaque as a matte lipstick but definitively comes a close second to it. Does tend to transfer but it does not wipe off completely. I did notice that after you blot it out twice it pretty much stays put and very slight transfer can be seen on the napkin and not much difference can be seen in the shade that you have on. I cant comment on the longevity of it wear as I didn’t have it on for a long time.

     It comes in a thick tube that is similar in width to a MAC lippy (lipstick) and about an inch taller than it. It has this smooth touch cap which I love the texture of. Very similar to the MAC mascara packing. Comes with a standard lip gloss applicator. I paid 4.50$ (Rs. 225 – 252/-) for 6.5gm of product.


Left one is taken in natural light

Would you purchase it again? – I just might. I will definitely try out more shades from this range.

Would you recommend it to your friend? – Absolutely!