Shikha Says:

     I have been wanting to try out a matte nail paint for the longest time. I was not aware that NYX made nail paints. I stumbled upon this discovery while browsing Cherry Culture. It comes out a deep brown on the nails. What I don’t like about it is that it chips very fast. By the 2-3rd day it chips off quite a bit and you have to retouch or remove it. Needless to say you cant protect it with a top coat as it will take away the matte effect. To be very honest I didn’t like the matte finish it provides. Since it was my 1st matte nail paint I cant really comment on the fact if it is the norm but I will compare it with others later on. I paid 3$ for it.

Would you purchase it again? – No.

Would you recommend it to your friend? – No.