Hello my precious 🙂 Awhile back I bought a few things from a blog sale held by Neeraj. I must say I got some really great pieces in the sale. He was sweet enough to include in some freebies. And this pencil was one of the many things I got from him. Thanks Neeraj for the gift 🙂

     I have used a couple of different products from NYX but have never tried this particular range. Overall I really like their stuff and never had a problem with quality or pigmentation. Only some of the colors would not suit me but apart from that don’t remember having issues with the brand. And if you buy them from international sites they cost very less and hence are a great brand to own. Personally I will recommend their stuff more than anything we get out here locally.

     This is a pencil format product about 5 inches long and quite thin. What I really liked about it was that the cap was actually a sharpener. How convenient is that? A slim sharpener just the right size for the product as a part of it. Love the idea. The pencil goes on the skin smoothly (not as smooth as the pearlglide ones from MAC). But on the eye I felt a slight tug when I used em (hey in my head I had the aforementioned MAC product so don’t think nothing can beat that now) not much though.

     I liked the fact the the tip was slim enough that I was able to draw a cat eye without much hassle. The color is a beautiful royal blue shade. There is no shimmer or shine to it at all. If you want a dash of color for the day time I think this ideal for it. Wear it on your lids on its own or pair it with a black liner. Or try and line your water line with it this color works and looks nice in any manner. I found it to be quite pigmented.

     The problem with it though is that it is not smudge proof. If you end up rubbing your eyes it will spread all over and become an effing mess :P. I’m not in the habit of touching/rubbing my eyes. I lined both my lids and waterline with the pencil and after 2 hours the waterline was smudged . I still had a line but the color had bled on my under eye area. The lid one was ok only till the point I don’t touch it. But I don’t think it will survive a hot sweaty day.

L – taken in natural light. R – taken in flash. Click pic to enlarge

     I wish they had incorporated this quality in it. That would have really made this a great product. But a lack of this feature will affect its scorecard a bit. That concludes this review. Have any of you tried this product before? Did it suit you? What other NYX products are your favorite? Do let me know in the comments below. I’ll be seeing you – Take care!

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Would you purchase NYX Long Eye Pencil Bleu Roi again? – I like the product and the sharpener in the cap idea but I might not pick it up since it smudges.
Would you recommend NYX Long Eye Pencil Bleu Roi to your friend? – Unless they change the formulation, no I will not.