Shikha Says:

     These are the iconic shades of this range and probably the best known and most used. I felt sort of silly reviewing them. So I decided to club em together and just put my two bits in.

     Milk is a true white and Black Bean is intense black with a sheen to it. They are widely used as eyeshadow base. White can make any color pop on your lids and give it an intensity. Black is good for creating smokey eyes and adding depth to your colors. But given their creamy nature they do tend to smudge or crease. So it is always best to pair them with some powder to make them stay put. On their own they can be messy. I bought from for 3.60$ (Rs. 202/-) but you can get it for Rs. 340/- of Urban Touch.

Would you purchase it again? – Yes!

Would you recommend it to your friend? – Yes!