Shikha Says:

     Last week I introduced this product to you all along with my experiment. And as promised I’m here to post the results of my week 1 of regular application. Though it is technically too soon to notice visible results and I admit I cant see any new growth on the sparse areas. However I did find that my existing eyebrows appeared darker after 3 applications. By just looking at them I could not make out if it was due to them becoming thicker or  if there was new growth there. But by comparing the before and after pics it seems that they have thickened from before. I’m really keen to see how the end result would be and personally am happy with my 1st week results. But my main objective is to see some growth/coverage in the sparse areas coz that is what is really noticeable. 
     So what do you guys think? Can you see any difference between the two pics? Do let me know what is your opinion on the progress so far. Till next time – Take Care!