NYX Cream Shadow Musk

Shikha Says:

     A while back, when NYX was hosting it face awards competition, I went on a shopping binge of their products especially when I saw these awesome looks being created. This baby is from back then and was lying neglected in my drawer. But as fate would have it, my sis had to attend a friend’s marriage ceremony and the colors in her outfit were maroon and copper. I was at my wits end what to do. The looks I created were making me look like I had a serious red eye issue or had walked into a door :p or punched in the eye…..rather all of above!

NYX Cream Shadow Musk

     Well a youtube beauty guru came to my rescue then (gotta love those gals) and helped me create a really nice look for my sis in which I used this to give the needed copper accents. I will put up pics/tutorial for that look later on. But coming to the product. It comes in a plastic tube like a lipgloss one. It has a similar applicator in it as well. The applicator is pretty decent but kinda applies a thickish layer, you need to use a brush or your finger to spread it out if you want a more subtle color . But if you want it to more like intense  or you want to line your eyes then the applicator can be used.

NYX Cream Shadow Musk applicator

     The product does not have any smell to it. I found something interesting about it. When you use or rather put on a thickish layer when the product dries off which is a couple of seconds (not like instant drying like 5 seconds and its dry. It is wet long enough for you to work with it) it is not smooth in texture. If you use the applicator to apply it and don’t do anything else then when it dries it has this interesting texture on it sort of like, how do I put it…..have you seen those grainy walls?? Ok probably a bad example but something like that. It does not look as bad as it sounds but rather looks interesting in an artistic sort of way.

NYX Cream Shadow Musk swatch
Thick layer using the applicator

     Now when you use a brush or your fingers to spread it, the behavior is totally different  As in, it becomes a glittery shade with fallout happening. For me it didn’t become very even when I applied it was kinda patchy by itself. But when I had used it with another color with the look I had mentioned previously the two colors blended in well and gave a very nice shaded effect. So the patchy thing is not such a problem per say as I don’t really think someone would wear it on its own.

NYX Cream Shadow Musk swatch
Thin layer using brush

     I like the color which is metallic copper shade with shimmer in it when worn thick and glitter like particles in it when worn in a spread out layer (does that even make any sense?!?). Definitely a bright number and just right if you want that touch of bling to your look. I don’t remember how much I paid for it but its present rate is $4.95 (approx Rs. 270/-) for 2.5 gms of product on b2nshop. Ok an end note, I have another color from the same range but that one is completely different than this one in terms of texture and finish and drying time. So just keep that in mind when picking something up from this range. Best is to look up swatches online before making a choice.

NYX Cream Shadow Musk swatch

     That wraps up this review. Did you find the product good enough or was it a complete miss for you? Send in your comments about the review or the product. See you all later. Bye!

Would you purchase NYX Cream Shadow Musk again? – I found it ok not something I would think of getting again.

Would you recommend NYX Cream Shadow Musk to your friend? – No not really. Like I said it is ok.