Nail Stamping NOTD
     Nail stamping has been my must-accomplish-no-matter-how-much-I-suck task. Seeing so many people create such beautiful designs with something seemingly so simple was always quite fascinating. Thinking that it was child’s play I got myself a Konad kit last year sometime. Very merrily I set out with the bits and pieces which in this case were the stamper, the image plate, the scraper and the paints included in the kit, and tried my hand at “stamping”. But whats this? I managed to get part of the image on the stamper but somehow completely failed to transfer it on the nail?!?

Nail Stamping NOTD
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     Being an engineer’s daughter, I took out the instruction “manual” and read the entire thing scrutinizing it carefully. Ahh so A goes on B and then C does…….I thought I had it down and tried again. This time I got 3 out of the 6 petals of 2 flowers on the stamper and 2 petals on my nail?!? Waaahhhhh!!!!! So that has been basically my story since the last one year. I just could not figure out where I was going so wrong. But after I ate my friend Renu’s head (My Beauty Junction) I finally had my eureka moment and was able to do my nail stamping completely. If you are a whiz at it you must think I’m a complete dodo and I don’t blame you. But if you are novice like me you will understand my pain šŸ˜›
Sephora Manicure Expert Charming Pink
     So this time around I made my sis (who was over for Diwali from Delhi) my guinea pig and did it on her. She wanted something subtle that she would be able to carry off in office so I used this favorite nail paint of her’s from Sephora called Manicure Expert in Charming Pink. This is quite light and 2 coats gave a translucent coverage to her nails. I then used the Maybelline Colorshow in Bold Gold to stamp out some stars for her. Quite happy with the way it has turned out šŸ™‚ And I think the combination is lovely and subtle….perfect for office wear. 
Maybelline Colorshow Bold Gold
     How did you like my attempt? Would love to hear from you and get your feedback on it. Do you like the combination? Do you think it works for office? Would you like to see more NOTD’s posts in the future? See you soon – Bye!
Nail Stamping NOTD