Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream
     Hello my precious! Yesterday was Valentine’s, probably THE most awaited day for many a heart. How was yours? Mine was spent in self love :). No one can beat that now. In this self love comes the greatest love for me which is hands down my hair. Someone once told me that my eyes sparkle and I get this smile on my face whenever I get something done to my hair. I don’t have to say anything, my face gives it away. Well I do agree with that prognosis. 

     In lines with that when I went to Hakim Ali’s in Mumbai and saw the Moroccan Oil range on display I asked the stylist to recommend something that he felt would be suitable for my hair type. He picked out this styling cream for me which is like, to put it simply, a serum that you put on your hair to give it that softness. Having heard a lot about this line I didn’t hesitate picking this baby up for Rs. 2025/- for 300 ml of product.
     “Hydrating Styling Cream is a lightweight, moisturizing formula that creates soft styles for a natural feel. It conditions, hydrates and fights frizz, especially for coarse and dry hair. It adds definition with a soft hold and is essential for creating blow-dried styles. It is also great for taming fly-aways and refreshing day-old styles.”
     Before I go into details about the product let me just break down my hair for you (well those of you who are new and have not already heard me lamenting about it). I have thin/fine hair with oily roots and dry ends. My hair has actually changed as I have aged and is prone to breakage and loss. 
Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream ingredients
List of ingredients
     Now the product – it comes in a brown colored plastic bottle with a pump dispenser and the whole thing stands tall at about 12 inches roughly with the pump extended (you have to unscrew the pump before use). With the signature light blue label this baby cant be missed standing on a shelf. The cream is light peach color and has a moisturizing cream texture ie it is not like Nivea cold cream but more like light gel like cream. And the smell – oh mama!. The smell…..Hmmmmm. Love it!! A lovely floral scent (atleast that’s what it smells to me). You will just want to wrap yourself in it. It is that awesome! And the best part when you put it on you hair it lingers for a long time leaving a trail behind where ever you pass. 
Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream pump
     The best way to use a product like this, it is to be used on washed and towel dried hair, is to put it on when the hair is wet. This helps the product to spread out evenly thus causing you to use a lesser amount and also preventing your hair from looking oily. It can be used on dry hair as well if need be but then like I said you need to be careful with it. This really makes the hair soft and helps to tame flyaways leaving your hair sleek and shiny. Your hair does not feel heavy or layered with product. 
Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream swatch
     A word to the wise, once you open up the pump it is wise to let it be. Trying to push it back in and screw it up causes a lot of product to come out and get wasted. You can always open the top and put back in the stuff unless you are iffy about it. Just saying. The price is a little steep but considering the fact that you use very little of it so it will last you a long time that factor gets balanced out. Definitely worth a try. 
  • Makes hair soft
  • Controls flyaways
  • Awesome smell
  • Contains Argan oil
  • Non greasy/light

  • Ease of availability

     That wraps up this review. Have you tried it yet? Did you find it interesting enough to try it out? Do send in your comments and thoughts about this post. See ya around!

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