Memebox Special #32 OMG 2
Memebox Special OMG 2

Memebox OMG 2 Box is priced at $23 plus S&H and tax.

Hello guys! Before I start off with this unboxing let me first just announce that I will be holding a giveaway on my Instagram profile soon. It has been ages since I did one for you guys šŸ™‚ This time I have a cool kit from Sigma Beauty so keep an eye out for that announcement soon! Korean culture as a whole is a big craze worldwide now and for good reason. They put in so much style and panache in whatever they do. I love love love their music vids – the style, the makeup and damn those dance moves…When I read the description for Memebox OMG 2 box which said that it contained kookiest products that took Seoul by storm I was like Seoul? Kooky? Sign me up pronto!


     The pace of the vid might be a little fast so please excuse me for it. I will try to improve it next time. Try to pause the vid when the product sheet comes up each time so that you can read the specifics about the product properly. I read pretty fast so it didn’t really hit me but my friend pointed it out that people cant read as fast and hence have no idea what is happening. So please just bear with me for this one and from next time I will try to make it more comfortable for all.

     Overall it is an interesting box. I didn’t find it to be kooky or wacky in any way though except for the roller ball thing. Now that is unique! Just roll it on and you get instant mattification so there is no need for blotting sheets or powder. The weather has turned so I’m still to see the complete extent of its effectiveness yet. The other product that caught my fancy was the Vanpir cream. I thought that it would be a night cream given its name but they suggest that it can be used day and night. Hmm…so where does the vampire part come in I wonder??? Please tell me there isn’t any blood in it!!! Remember pics of Kim Kardashian and her vampire facials….eeeewwww!!! šŸ˜›

     The Bohr mask is supposed to be one set but it seems too much for one use. They ask you to apply a generous amount to the skin, place the paper sheet on top and repeat but still I feel the mask quantity is too much! I like the texture of the spray mist and it seems to be a boon for my skin. Need to test it out extensively before I can talk about it further. And lastly is the mask sheet…well this is a pretty standard thing and whether it is unique or not can only be determined after I use it. Hopefully it just might knock one out of the park šŸ™‚ Well I’m done….please do leave your comments and suggestions so that I can improve your reading/viewing experience. I will see you soon – Muah!