Hello my friends! How was your weekend? Saw any good films?? Meaning to watch Oz… don’t know if it is any good….anyone seen it yet?? Ok so I decided to pay the L’Oreal counter a visit a week or so back and I ended up picking a few pieces (big surprise there). I have not purchased anything from them for sometime now rather ever since I got hooked onto MAC but before that they were always my goto brand. Actually I sort of missed them šŸ™

     But I’m glad that I dropped by coz I found this little gem…Color Riche Le Gloss in the shade N*de Touch. I had liked another color with Violet in the name but the SA was all out of that color. That was a beautiful shade and I will be getting it sometime soon.
     Now coming to this one. It comes in a sleek plastic transparent tube with metallic gold detailing on it. The tube is about 5 inches tall but coz of the slimness is very handy and can be slipped easily into your purse. You can apply the product straight from the tube using the slanted mouth. The product is easy to dispense and the quantity can be controlled.
     The gloss has a yummy burnt caramel sort of smell to it… remember that scent when you would pass one of those stalls where they would be making fresh candy floss….the slight hint of burnt sugar….that is how this smells…..yum!! It has a slight sweet taste too (ahem). A very pretty nude pink shade with minute glitter particles in. I did not find the gloss to be sticky. The pigmentation is decent and it looks like a nice glaze on my lips. Don’t let all the sparkle in the tube throw you off….it does not look OTT. My lips were kinda dry but these took care of the issue for me and I was good to go. Price is Rs. 550/- for 12 ml of product.

     That’s all folks! Hope you liked the review. I will see you all around. Take care. Bye!

Would you purchase L’Oreal Color Riche Le Gloss N*de Touch again? – Maybe. I’m more inclined towards getting some other shade now from this range.

Would you recommend L’Oreal Color Riche Le Gloss N*de Touch? – Yes I would. I think a lot of people will like the fact that it is not sticky.