Shikha Says:

     Well ladies this is my first review of a nail paint for you. Though nails are mainly Dimpy’s forte with her flair for nail art I’m more of conventional types in this regard. Mind you I don’t have any qualms about getting nail art done from the salon but I have neither the patience nor the artistic flair of my sister to do my own :p. Any-hoo I jumped on the Cherry Culture bandwagon and bought this from there. I found the concept of Metallic nail paint  very interesting and choose this lovely greenish blue color. Honestly though I don’t see the “metallic” look in it. It is beautiful shade and has shimmer in it but does not look metallic to me. 
     It is very thin in consistency as you can see in the pics below and I need 3 coats to completely cover my nails and not have the base color of the nail seen (I don’t like that). But surprisingly even though it requires 3 coats it does not chip off very soon. In my experience whenever I layer more than 2 coats my nail paint chips very fast. This stays on perfectly for little over week. I just saw some fray on the tips like a hair thin line of my nail could be seen by the 4th-5th day but no other chipping. 
     I have adjusted the color tone of my pics as they paint looked completely blue in the original. They now look exactly how the color is on my nails. I do remember seeing this brand in Chennai. Maybe they are available in other parts of the country by now. But you can always get them online. I paid 2.50$ (approx Rs. 125 – not including shipping since I bought a couple of products along with it).

After 1st coat

After 2nd coat

Final look – after 3rd coat

Would you purchase it again? – I would not mind experimenting with other shades from the range. I do LOVE the color but I don’t usually go and buy the same nail paint again. I like to experiment.

Would you recommend it to your friend? – Yes. I would.