Shikha Says:

     Don’t let the pic above fool you ladies, this one is a stunner! It is a rich dark black with silver shimmer specks in it. Price is Rs 700/-. As much gorgeous that I found this color it was equally tough to work with. I’m no expert in makeup application. Heck I’ll admit I’m a complete novice so needless to say this color gave me a bad time. It smudged/bled irrespective of the fact whether I used a primer or not and whether I used it dry or wet. Plus when I went to clear the fallout it just smeared on my skin and kinda stained it :(. So bear in mind, when using this color do your eye makeup first, clean up the mess and then go and do your foundation/concealer. 
     Personally, this looks the best when you apply it wet. You can see the shimmer then. In dry application only the black color comes on the skin. The shimmer is either non-existent or not noticeable. Use a good makeup remover to get it off properly. I strongly recommend that you use it over a creamy base/eyeshadow. I have not tried it coz I don’t have one but I’m really skeptical about it bleeding. Like I said it was a big issue for me and that too when I used Fix+ to wet my brush with! Experts please advise 🙂

Without flash

With flash
Without flash

Would you buy it again?- If I can find a way to stop it from bleeding then I would not hesitate to buy it again.

Would you recommend it to your friend?- Yes but only when I find the best way to handle its issues.