Shikha Says:

     Hello my divas! I’m super excited to tell you that I got a chance to attend the press conference of “India Resort wear Fashion Week ’13” organized by E-Sense in Mumbai on the 18th of March 2013. I was tagged as “media” since the time I walked into the door. Lol it was so nice and I got an escort from the ground floor all the way to the 3rd. The event took place in F-Bar at India Bulls Center One. Such a gorgeous building! 

The stage area

     The entire theme and layout was very classy in the traditional colors of black & white. The place was packed with members of the media. There was a center stage area and some panels on both sides of it covered in black velvet. Some funky music was on by the in-house DJ and a capturing AV was playing on screen panels above the stage again centered around the theme colors. While we sat and waited for the event to begin we were served with some snacks and I guess there was an open bar. You could feel the intensity building while everyone waited for things to start.

AV that was playing above the stage while everyone waited.

     Finally the MC for the event was announced and she came on and took the floor. She spoke a little about the nature of the event and why we all were called for it. Then Mr. Amit Patel, Global Head of E-Sense (the man responsible for bringing Paris Hilton to India last year) was called on stage where he spoke about the India Fashion Awards and how it was meant to acknowledge the best of the best in the industry. These awards are to be held for the first time ever in India. He spoke about how India has made its mark on the global fashion scene.

Mr Amit Patel, Global Head E-Sense

     The famous designer Rocky S (OMG I LOVE the bags he designs!!!!! drool) who is the creative director for IRFW was bought on stage. He spoke about all the people who work backstage and put in so much effort to bring a show to life and make it successful. He said that these awards were a way to acknowledge them and appreciate their contribution to the fashion industry. 

Rocky S

     After this it was time to announce and bring on stage the face of IRFW ’13 and it was none other than the diva Bipasha Basu!!! The screen set up behind parted and out stepped the lady herself looking drop dead gorgeous with her beautiful and flawless makeup and a to-die-for outfit designed by Rocky S. The media went bezerk when she came on stage with a million of them flashlight going off and the buzz that was prevalent earlier becoming a frenzied pitch. Ok I must repeat myself, the woman looked stunning!!!

     Bipasha too spoke about the the fashion awards and how they were meant to facilitate the fashion industry. She talked the exciting times ahead and how the industry was fast gaining international recognition. It was then time to reveal the official image of the campaign with Bipasha as its face. She stepped off stage to part one of the black velvet curtains and reveal the gorgeous image of herself. Again the media went into a complete tizzy with the people falling over each other to get a pic of her posing next to the image. All this while an AV was put up which covered the official fashion shoot, snippets of past shows and Bipasha’s take on it all. It was a very well made one but I don’t think anyone paid any attention to it though šŸ˜›

     The floor was then opened up to questions from the media. This section sort of put me off coz there were some really tacky questions that were asked and that too by female journalists which I found really sad and in poor taste. Everything from why Bipasha was single to when she would next be “seen” in a bikini to why since she was a strong confident woman didn’t she have anyone in her life. Ugh!! I mean really?!? Why does she need a man if she is a strong confident woman. So so tacky!

     But hats off to the woman – she did not loose her cool or demeanor even once. She answered all the questions very gracefully and with a smile or her face which made me feel very proud about her. Look I know you might think why I’m doing “a$$-kissing” but seriously you had to be there and as a woman you too would have felt bad. Fine they are celebrities and all that and this is part and parcel or what not but no one deserves to be attacked like this and in the tone and manner it was done in. At one place we express outrage at the atrocities committed on the Delhi rape victim and wonder what is the society coming too and in the same breath take pot shoots at a woman just coz she is a celebrity and is what “asking for it”?? Shame!

     In a lighter vein, there were some sensible and relevant questions put forth like she was asked how comfortable she was in the attire she was in with the makeup and hair to which she answered that she was very comfortable in her own skin and since she had been a model was able to carry anything off with ease.

     She was then asked the reason of choosing to become the face of this brand (ie IRFW) to which she replied that the reason was since Rocky S was associated with it. She said that the brands credibility was certain for her as she knew he was behind it and she had a long standing association with him. She mentioned that Rocky was a big name in the industry and does a lot of styling for Indian films and even her upcoming film Aatma has been styled by Rocky.

     Someone asked what made Bipasha fashionable to which Rocky S replied that her eyes, the way she carried herself as a confident woman made her very special and hence fashionable  Someone wanted to know if there would be a Bipasha Basu fashion line in the pipeline to which she replied that she already had a collaboration with Reebok where the “Love Yourself” line had been launched and she was open to another one and in all probability collaborating with Rocky S and launching something in the future.

     The floor was then opened to the media for one on one questions and I made my exist. I had to wait for my car so I enjoyed a nice glass of ice tea in the Tea Leaves and Coffee Beans outlet in the building. Oh my I fell in love with the beautiful glass facade of the place. My friend had commented that the building gives you a feeling of how an actual corporate world should be and I couldn’t agree with him more. I wish I too worked out of such a place…..After my quick drink I went to the pick up area for my car to arrive and found Rocky S standing there with his people. I sooo wanted to go to him and go all “fan” on him gushing about how I LOVEEEEE his bags and all but decided against it šŸ˜› I so didn’t want to get kicked to curb and be carried off by the security team (lol not that they could have carried me but ya wutever). So I decently stood to the side controlling my screaming urges. 
     Spent the rest of the day catching up with my lovely friends. A day well spent and so exciting. I was so glad to get a chance to see Bipasha in person and was amazed how gorgeous she looks in real life and the dignity with which she carries herself. So big love from a fellow Kolkatan. I’m looking forward to see how this event unfolds and the collection that will be presented. Looking forward to the accessories especially. So glad that I got this chance and hope that I’m able to present some more update from this event to you.
     Hope you all liked my coverage. I will be putting up some more articles soon covering my Mumbai trip. See you soon my lovelies…..Miss you all! Bye! Take Care!