Ok these are just super cute! Such pretty colors and there are 2 variants available in it – regular and with sparkles. They have a sugar like finish where it looks like you have sprinkled colored ones on your nails. Cashing in on the whole textured trend this is one of the many interesting finishes launched by the brand. And it is a LE collection (boo!).

Source: plumpandpolished.com.
     The regular range has 8 colors in it – Cherry Pop (cherry red), Cotton Candies (bubblegum pink), Bubble Plum (purple-pink), Sugar Fix (white), Sweetie (yellow), Sour apple (mint green), Razzleberry (blue) and Lich-O-Rich (black). According to the company, these have a semi-matte finish and are quick drying. They are supposed to cost $5-6 (approx Rs. 360/-). Check out Manicured Amateur’s swatches HERE for a better look at these.  
Source: ohthreeohfour.com 
     The company then launched 8 new shades in this along with the previous ones making it a total of 16 shades. Only 3 of the 8 new ones have sparkle in them –  Royal Icing (pale blue with pink/gold shimmer), Treat-Heart (light pink with silver and pink shimmer) and Pink Sprinkles (cranberry red with gold flakes). The other 5 new shades are – Red Velvet (deep rose), Spare-a Mint (deep teal), Candy Corn (bright orange), Laughie Taffy (navy) and Gummy Grape (purple). Just going through the names has given me a craving for sugar :P. I think they fall into the same price range. Check out Oh Three Oh Four’s swatches for these HERE
Source. lacqlustre.com.
     I really like the whole texture concept. Gives some life and variety to the regular run of the mill stuff. Some might find the whole 3D thing annoying. But for me if these don’t snag my hair or clothes I’m good with it. As usual, always game to try out something new. Hope I will be able find this somewhere without having to pay an astronomical price for it. What do you think? Do you like these? Or are you totally not into the whole texture idea? Waiting to hear from you. Catch you later. Adios!