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It has been ages since I did a Holler! post 🙁 If you are relatively new to my blog then let me quickly introduce this section to you. I started this to talk about some of the innovative launches in the beauty (or even fashion) industry. Products that are unique, quirky and interesting find their way into this section along with my two bits on them. There is just so much happening at any given point of time and coz we get so focused on our favorite brands or products that often some true gems end up getting ignored. I have always loved exploring new products rather than sticking to any one for an extended period of time unless it is something that I can absolutely not live without. So hopefully this way both of us can be in the know about some of the new products that just might turn up to be the next big thing that has everyone abuzz! I feel these “dry” sheet masks just might be it especially if they are as good as they claim to be…


nannette de gaspe face mask sheet

Nannette de Gaspe


Nannette de Gaspe has introduced dry mask sheets aka they are not dripping with the skin boosting serums rather 87 percent active ingredients, which help in brightening, firming, hydration, collagen boost, etc., are dry-printed onto a super-lightweight fabric like material. How does it work? Well you secure the mask on your face and your body temperature aka body heat causes the ingredients to seep into your skin. Sounds pretty sci-fi don’t you think? I would be very interested to find out how this works and how effective it actually is. They have launched some additional mask sheets as well, using the same “technology”, for your hands, neck, eyes and mouth. Since they are dry and don’t stick to your skin they have these special loops and straps which you have to use to secure it on the skin. According to the creator the masks don’t stop working once you take them off rather the ingredients supposedly bind with the skin and continue to release skin boosting product for upto six to eight hours after removal. Oh and you can get up to 3 uses from a single mask sheet. Well that should be bare minimum given its steep price tag! A single mask sheet ranges from 85 to 120$ and the entire set of 5 sheets for different parts of your body is for 425$!!! Whoa Nelly! That’s a lot 🙁


nannette de gaspe face mask sheet

Different types of masques in the collection


Though I love the idea and am very intrigued to try it out to see if it actually delivers on its claims but the price tag has me taking a step back. The face mask sheet costs 120$ which is approx Rs. 8049/-…sure it gives 3 uses but still! Well we need to wait and see if this becomes the trend for the future or if its just a “fad”. I’m sure there will be a slew of cheaper versions available for it especially if it catches people’s fancy. But I love the innovation and concept of it. Sheet masks made the life of the lazy diva so much better and this is taking it a step further by eliminating the messy aspect of the current masks and also delivering better and more ingredients into the skin which not only show you result immediately but continue to work their magic for an extended period of time. So what do you think? Do you like the concept or are you skeptical about it? Do you feel the high price tag is justified given of course it works? Would you like to try it for yourself if we keep the price factor to the side for a bit? I know I would love to give it a go. Well hope you guys liked this segment. Do tell me your thoughts on it and I can just bring it back on a regular basis again. See you around…buh bye!


Shikha Agarwal


Image Source – Taken from Company’s Website