I have been itching to buy something. Due to the work schedule I have I was not getting a chance to go to a mall and browse/shop. Seeing so many new things release and on top of that running out of both my MAC Brush Cleanser and Cleanse Off Oil I was long overdue a trip to the aisles. This is what pent up angst does to you. I went quite crazy I admit splurging but in the end was happy and content 🙂

     I started the journey (?!?) at the Clarins counter where I went and swatched a couple of their makeup items. The SA’s there were really nice and I got introduced to a couple of items from the skincare line. But since I had already tried and loved their Double Serum I finally picked one up. I got a couple of samples along with it and that always makes me super happy. 
     Next I went to the Revlon counter and after much debate with myself picked up a suede lippy in the shade Trendsetter. I liked their recent launches in the nail section and ended up picking 2 nail art duo’s in Satellite and Cosmic. The range is called Moon Candy and has 2 paints in it – one an opaque color and the other a transparent/glitter shade. I even picked up 2 nail art strips which they say is made of nail paint and since I have used and loved the Sally Hansen ones I just wanted to see if these can match up. I got Splatter Paint and Eye Candy. I spotted a couple of new eyeshadow quads from them and I was like “Oh these would be sucky!!!” But still I decided to atleast swatch them and whaddaya know? They actually had decent pigmentation to them and so unlike what I was seeing since the last couple of times at the counter. Picked up Inspired and Brazen.
     Then I hopped onto the YSL counter as I wanted to pick up another Glossy Stain and I chose the one Neeraj had recommended to me which is shade No. 7 – Corail Aquatique. Since I was looking for a new foundation too I decided to pick up Touche Eclat one as Ankita had talked about it in one of our conversations. 
     And finally I finished off at the MAC counter and got the brush cleanser and the oil. Got to know that the Temperature Rising collection will be in stores next month (YEA!!!). Honestly didn’t expect it to make it out here so fast…have to book a couple of items from it before hand now.
     Ahh a nice shopping trip is always so satisfying 🙂 I did want to buy a new purse and saw some pieces that I liked at Charles & Keith and Aldo. But some how I want to get myself a Steve Madden one this time around. For all you know I will take another trip to Mumbai shortly and then I can pick one up. So that was my latest haul. I will be putting up detailed reviews and swatches for the product soon (hopefully). Stay tuned for those. See ya!