Shikha Says:

     Body Shop is having a sale ladies so dont miss out on it!! I bought my mom some awesome body butter in cherry for half off!! They have different items on special discount on different weeks of the sale. Some of the products that I bought were:

Face and Body
     The bristles on these brushes were simply amazing. I love the Face and Body one (MRP Rs 775/-, On Sale – Rs 620/-). It is soooo soft – just beyond words and so much more reasonably priced than MAC or Inglot brushes. The Kabuki (MRP Rs 1095/-. On Sale – Rs 547.5/-) was ok, I felt it was a little small in size. But hey if you want one then this is not a bad deal as it is available for half off.
     Bought the famous bronzing balls (MRP Rs 895/-, On Sale – Rs 716/-) for Dimps. I feel like this is such an iconic product – definitely a must have.

     I bought the Brilliance powder (MRP Rs 1095/-, On Sale – Rs 876/-) for myself. There are 2 colors in this – the other is more gold in color. I picked this one as I would use it as a highlighter and I felt this had more of a shimmer than the other one.

     Lastly, Dimps bought this Hair Butter (MRP Rs 695/-, On Sale – Rs 626/-) for herself. Since she has not used it yet, we will put a review for it later on. Thats All Folks!!